How is the new HA Siya if I am coming from Oticon Dinamo


I think the topic explain it all :), I have been using the dynamo of Oticon since 2014… Just saw the Siya from the same brand also got a HA for people from severe to profound loss. Wonder if it will be an improvement or not…


If your audiogram fits into gray region (see picture), so Siya can be your choice.Siya%20PP


Here is my audiogram…


I have almost the same audiogram. Oticon PP is not for us. Stuck with Dynamo and wait for SP based on Velox platform.


You may already know but Unitron have just released an update to their Max hearing aid based on their Tempus platform. It might be of interest. It’s out in the US and I know it will be available in the UK shortly.


that’s why I may try either OPN or Siya after 12/30 :slight_smile: after all, I almost dipped into profound stage one too while my mom is already there


For your loss…look at Resound’s Enzo 3D


Understood :slight_smile: then waiting for it


Dear Lostdeaf… Where I can find more about the velox platform? I was also trying to find your post about a possible release in 2019 but I can not find it :frowning:


I didn’t write about SP on Velox platform. It was only my guess - usually superpower models are last in the lineup. But Oticon can release next platform without SP in current Velox platform. If we continue the logical series - Oticon Sumo (2005), Chili (2010), Dynamo (2015), we will see that 2020 is the year for next SP model :weary: