How is the directional performance of the Resound ONE?

I currently have a pair of Resound HAs that have great amplification, but are disappointing in their lack of directional effect in the restaurant mode. On close inspection, it appears there are two microphones, one points to the rear and one points more or less straight up. My previous pair also had two mics, but one pointed forward at the top of the HA body.

I see that the Resound One has a microphone mounted on the receiver in the ear to make use of the pinna effect. I also see that Costco now has a version available under the Jabra name.

Has anyone been using the Resound One or the Costco Jabra hearing aids? Can you comment on how effective the forward-facing directional effect is when using restaurant mode?


Mike B.

ReSound One/Jabra aids offer a new mode called Ultra Focus. I think of it as Restaurant mode on steroids. It focuses the directionality forward to enhance speech from someone sitting directly across from you.

I usually stay in the All Around program, but was in a restaurant recently and the aids seemed to automatically kick into Ultra Focus for a short period of time while there was a lot of noise behind me and my sister-in-law across from me talking.

I have Ultra Focus set up as a program but have only used it a couple of times to test it. I prefer to stay in All Around and not mess with the aids unless I really have to.

I have the M&RIE receivers and the mic on the receiver is deactivated when in Ultra Focus mode.


Thanks for the input! I’ve read about Ultra Focus and it sounds really good. How did you figure out that the M&RIE mic is switched off in that mode? Seems counter-intuitive!

Also, do your aids help with directional source location? I find it hard to figure out where a sound is coming from if I can’t see the source, both with and without my current aids.

Take Care,


I do find that I can more easily tell where sounds are coming from with the Jabra aids. The aids with regular receivers seemed to be a step up from my previous ReSound aids, and the M&RIE receivers are yet again an improvement.

When I’m in the All Around or Outdoor program the M&RIE mics are active. In the Ultra Focus or Music program they are not. I learned this by happenstance. If I put a finger in my ear and the aid sqeals, the mic is active. If not, I know the mic is off. It makes sense, based on the directionality settings for each of the programs.

Thanks Jay Man 2! Excellent information!

So I went to my hearing aid guy at Costco that I have worked with for years and asked about the Jabra aids. He says he has had serious problems with the software that is used to program them and did not recommend the Jabra aids for me until that gets sorted out. I will return in a couple of months, hopefully the software will be working and I can try out a pair before I buy them.

That’s odd - they just use the resound smart fit software for the jabra. It’s worked for resound aids for quite some time…