How is KenP Doing?


Anyone ever find out what happened to KenP. I see that his poker blog, referenced in his avatar, has not been updated since about August 1, 2018, about the same time he last posted on this forum.



From the caricature of his avatar and assuming most of us here have been around the sun more than a few times…I would have to deduce the worst.
I had asked Abram about him some time ago but there was no update.
Or he just lost interest and moved on to different things to spend time on.



Too bad if it’s the worst. His poker et al. blog has some interesting commentary such as this one on automation taking over the world:

His posts on this forum (the ones I’ve read) were much terser and much less revealing by comparison.



Again, relative to his terseness on this forum, a most interesting commentary about his background and his politics (warning: may raise blood pressure depending on political views…)

in reply to another blog commentary of different political persuasion - at least both bloggers agree on something:



Actually, I might have to take back what I said in early posts about KenP not revealing much about himself on this forum.

There is this SOCIAL locked thread on “The Great Gun Debate” - I don’t advocate anyone look at it for the actual topic, whatever one’s views on the matter are. It’s a very interesting thread in that not only does KenP express himself quite a bit in the thread but other long-standing members such as MDB, um_bongo, Z10user2, etc., as well as Abram Bailey weigh in on the issue and the appropriateness of discussing it on the forum, how to deal with flamers, etc. Maybe someday the Smithsonian will have a place to archive the Hearing Tracker forum! I like Abram Bailey’s admission that he is a perfectionist in trying to create the ultimate social platform (sorry if I’m remembering it from another KenP thread) - but good luck on that one!

So I will cease promoting KenP’s past. I hope it’s not R.I.P. for him but I can see that he was an interesting guy and I understand better why a number of forum members will miss his presence. As a relatively new member of the forum, I’ve encountered a lot of his old posts whiles searching and wondered what he was all about. For forum historians looking into KenP’s involvement, there is also the following thread on how to deal with deleted posts and topics (perhaps the source of Abram’s “I’m a perfectionist” comment) - whether deletion should be allowed and with or without any time delay, etc.



Hi Jim,

Yes, I have been wondering myself, what has happened to Ken P. He posted regularly on this forum. Hope he is okay.



Another poster who disappeared from the forum a while back was Doc Jake. I think slightly before the Hearing Tracker forum took over the old one. Heard Doc Jake had been banned a few times in the past for rubbing people the raw way, but usually managed to come back under another alias. But then Doc Jake also disappeared at some point.



KenP never got banned. I don’t miss Doc Jake (notwithstanding what may have come of him). Maybe he just gave up finally realizing his ways were no longer welcome.



Sorry if I caused any misunderstanding. I meant Doc Jake got banned, not Ken P. I fixed my previous post to make this more clear.

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I think somewhere Abram comments that what finally put the lid on Doc Jake was rather than trying to block user alias after user alias they finally blocked his IP address and at that point he seemed to give up and not try to circumvent that.



@Volusiano: Ok…I could also be more clear…KenP never got banned though. :slight_smile:
@jim_lewis: And yet it’s somewhat easy to circumvent if you have some intertube knowledge.



Yes, I recall the almost comically curmudgeon Doc Jake! Was hit with a zinger or two of his m’self!

I hope he and KenP are out there somewhere even if they no longer post here. If not … well, at least HEARING won’t be an issue. I say that not to be sassy, but honestly, I do sometimes ponder that myself from time to time. :unamused: