How important is a matching hearing aid w/CI?

So I’m a bilateral cochlear implant candidate now. I plan to get both, but for the interim period where I just have the one, how important is it to get a hearing aid that works together with the CI vice just using one of the hearing aids I currently have? Per the surgeon this could just be for a few months assuming things go well with the first CI.

I’m guessing in this event insurance won’t cover the hearing aid under the CI, so I’d need to pay out of pocket. Since Cochlear seems to be who I’m going with, this would be a Resound hearing aid, probably an Enzo Q based on my hearing test yesterday (not in my profile as I don’t have a copy yet; it’s severe to profound now though).

Anyway, appreciate your inputs!

I was implanted earlier this year with a Cochlear and have continued to use the Starkey I had in my other ear. The only real difficulty is with streaming, to get bilateral sound generally requires hooking up two devices and then trying to balance them. I was lucky in that through work I have a Roger and MyLink and using the tcoils things work pretty well.

But usually I just stream through the CI, it works well enough, helps with rehabilitation, and since I am also looking at going bilateral (pending insurance) helps get used to the difference in sound. The only benefit I have seen from bilateral steaming is that it seems to hide the frequency shift of the CI while still giving me most of the understanding benefit.

So, long story short, it will work just fine in most circumstances and can be a bit of a hassle for streaming.

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I was implanted 11 months ago with Cochlear 522 array and N7 processor. I have an Enzo2 588 an older model of Enzo. It doesn’t do direct streaming though, and I need a phone clip to stream. I regret not getting a direct streaming Enzo 3D. Why because I struggle with anything IT anything Bluetooth is a pain in my butt.

Everyone responds differently to the implant, meaning in length of time it takes to understand speech and get good clarity. I could understand speech on activation, but good clarity took me 6-8 months of hard rehab.
My opinion only would be to wait until you have reasonable speech understanding before going for the Bil implant.

For me it was important to be able to go bimodal to understand people on phone calls. As part of my work I needed to be able to answer the phone. I’ve retired now but I still need to understand phone calls.

Good luck on your hearing journey.

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