How does Resound compare to new Phonak Audeo-B Direct?



It is because Phonak cannot mute the aids or reduce input from the microphones on the Audeo B Direct - because they are using the microphone to pick up your voice. The two purposes are opposed. That is why I do not think it is a good idea to use the HA microphone for handsfree calling.


The B-Directs have some truly awful tradeoffs; I think Phonak really missed the boat with this product (although I applaud their attempt at finding an accessory-free solution for Android users). I tried them myself and was sorely disappointed.

Currently using Signia Charge N Go’s with the Streamline Mic, which are a pretty awesome combination (great music and phone streaming, though I wish I didn’t need the Mic… but, you know, Android…)


I don’t get it. With all their experience pulling other people’s voices out of noise, it shouldn’t be hard to emphasize own voice. Even if they need a third microphone for it.


Yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer to stream to JUST the left aid on phone calls with my Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids. Even my 5-yr-old Oticon Alta Pros streamed stereophonically on phone calls when using the StreamerPro necklace.

That’s great that you are enjoying the combo of Signia aids with the StreamlineMic! If Oticon had been as timely to market with an Android-based streamer for phones, I would have been more likely to keep the OPNs I had for almost a year … waiting and waiting and waiting for the phone streamer.


Oticon’s ConnectClip and Siemens’ Streamline Mic are the same hardware. Same is true for Oticon and Signia TV streamers…


What do you base this on?