How does Resound compare to new Phonak Audeo-B Direct?



Bluejay, are you able to select what ear your phone steams too for phone calls? I read that yours steams to your left but for me, my right ear picks up better speech.


Turns out there are TWO ways to answer a phone call (assuming the device is Bluetooth, which my cell phone is): 1.) just hit the “answer” icon or button on your phone, or 2.) press the button on the aid just ONCE - SHORT, and it will answer the phone that’s on your desk, or somewhere close by.

To REJECT a call, just press and HOLD the button on your aid and voila! Crank caller is sent to the hole they crawled out from.


YES. In the initial set-up, you’ll have a choice of selecting your “good” ear (right or left), and from thereon in, the phone will stream to that “good” ear. You can easily switch to the other ear at a later date, but would need to go to the set-up program to do that.


I put the aid on and then close the door. I had the fitter set the aid to a single beep. Works for me.


^^^ Wow, if you have Phonaks like mine, that dang battery door takes a battering ram to SHUT it; also, a broken thumbnail to OPEN it! Not sure why, but it is just ridiculously difficult to pry open and shut, so there’s no way the aids could already be in my ears before I either shut the battery door or try to open it.

But I niggle. I really do like these aids! Last night I had them on at a busy restaurant, seated at a table of 7. I was able to hear folks at the opposite end of the table without even going into my directional program. I guess it’s like training wheels … I won’t ditch that program till I’m confident I could live without it.


So did you get the TV Streamer? I’m waiting for a review.

On edit: I see you posted the review as I was hunting for this thread:

Now to find out how the TV streamer works with other things like a laptop, tablet or computer.


YES - the TV streamer was a breeze to set up! I didn’t even have to remove the aids from my ears - just sit about 3’ from the tiny little streaming box. Took about 20-sec to pair with my aids.

Now for the little wrinkle that has come up: the streaming capability on these aids lets me hear BOTH ambient noise and the TV streaming into both ears. But, with anyone else in the room listening to TV with me, that means I’m getting a double-dose of the TV audio: one from the streaming, the other in the actual room (if that makes sense). I’ll have to ask if there is a setting to cut out ALL ambient sound so these stream clearly into my ears.

Augh. It’s like damned if I do, and damned if I don’t, cuz with my Oticon Opns, I could only hear the TV, and that cut out all conversation with anyone in the room. Now I’m hearing way TOO much sound, with the almost echo-like effect of the ambient TV PLUS the streaming.

Stay tuned again. I have a follow-up with my aud-guy on the 20th.

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As long as the streaming/mic are in sync that should be OK. Do you have a mute setting for your aids? I.e. something to mute the mics (aka wife or hubby button)? Maybe if you could mute the mikes you could get only direct streaming. What about the Phonak remote app on your phone - anything you can tweak in that?


Great suggestion! I forgot that I can do this on my OPN even without the phone app, so thanks for this reminder. Just click and hold either button on either HA for 3 seconds and the mics are mute but the streaming sound still goes on. Another quick click on either button unmutes it. Maybe the Phonak has a similar setup?


Well here’s the latest: I DO have a full “mute” switch on my Phonak’s now. I had my aud-guy dedicate a program to shut them off (so I don’t have to pull them out and open the battery door).

With the aids in that MUTE program, there is truly NO sound coming in - either from the TV streamer or the ambient sound. And that’s a good thing.

My situation is that the audio source is the SAME, but the output is not sync’d with my aids. So the sound comes from the speaker hooked up to our TV a split second before it streams into my aids. That causes an overlay of audio that’s actually harder to understand than me just sitting in front of the TV with my aids on and NOT streaming, LOL.

Now I can appreciate the Oticon paradigm, whereby if I was in TV streaming mode, I could only hear the TV. Hubs sitting next to me was utterly cut OFF. And that’s what I need to make these Phonaks do, or the TV streamer is a total turkey for me.

I’m going to disconnect it from the TV for now and connect it to my laptop - see what it does. Stay tuned.


I’m one of those stubborn mules who refuses to have any extraneous app on my cell phone - or any kind of IoT of thing at all. So I’m hoping to fix my TV streaming by not going that route.


WOOOOO! Good news! I just hooked up the little TV streamer unit to my Macbook Pro, and these aids stream beautifully with the audio. Now I can listen to music or video on my laptop without disturbing anyone else in the area.

This is GOOD! The little TV unit is tiny: just 2"x2"x1/3". So it is truly transportable. I could travel with this and use it for Skype calls on the road.

Hubs just spent about 20 min tinkering with combinations of cables connected to the Mac and the TV unit, and VOILA! We’ve got the perfect set-up to stream a beautiful STEREO to both ears now.

Without the right cable (or if one isn’t plugged in ALL the way!), you’ll only get mono. But if done right, the TV streamer can connect to my laptop perfect.


I did a search and it appears you are one of the few that have the Phonak DirectB HA. AND use its BT ability to talk via your cell phone.
I have used an over the ear BT headset with my cell phone for years even before I got my first HA seven years ago. The voice quality has been equal to that of a landline-both in and out. I am on the phone a lot for business, and wear the headset 7 to 10 hours a day.
How would you rate the quality that the person you call hears? On the headset that I wear, the microphone is positioned about 1 inch below my ear lobe. I assume your microphone has to be somewhere on the HA above your ear.
(I assume the incoming voice quality is good.)

[This might be a duplicate. My screen shows as not sent.]


Perhaps way late to reply here (being off on another planet till a few days ago), but I’ve had overall VERY favorable comments from those with whom I’m streaming via my Samsung cell phone. On just a handful of occasions, the person has said the connection is breaking up, or I sound a bit faint. That is usually resolved by my picking up the phone and holding it closer to me (as opposed to its sitting on a nearby desktop). And once in a BLUE MOON I have to hang up and re-call the person for a better phone connection.

From what I understand, the mic for my Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids is in the RIGHT aid. The LEFT one streams the call to that ear alone. So, technically the mic is the distance of my child’s-sized head away from the person.

However, I totally relate to being in frustrating conversations with those using headsets (before the era of my being able to stream calls to my aids). They sounded far away in many cases. Add in a thick SLAB of foreign accent, and my blood pressure would shoot up!

Now that I can stream all my calls, y’all can put me on the phone with ANYONE, from ANY country, ANY time of day or night, and by gawd I will converse with them in rapid-fire - never missing one thing. That’s why so many of my relatives (and hubs) want ME to make the really painful customer service calls for them. I can jive-talk with the best from the Dominican 'public, slang with the Changs in China, have a tip-top pukka time with reps in Injah … in short no problema anymore. >:-)


I’ve been trialing Audeo B-Direct for 3 weeks, my first hearing aids. They’re set up to use left aid for phone calls (which by the way have been pretty much as good as a BT earpiece). At my appointment today my audi mentioned that they use the right mic for phone calls. So after the appointment, I removed and turned off my right aid, and made a call to an echo-back number. My voice was picked up and read back to me, so it is using the left microphone for calls. That makes sense, since the phone has a regular BT connection to the left aid.


VERY INTERESTING!! I am no techie, and wonder how-all that can work? I was also under the impression that the right aid is used to “mic” the calls streaming into my left aid, enabling others to hear me on the phone.

So, if I was to call someone with my right aid OFF and out of my ear, would they hear me? I must scoot to the laboratory and give this a try … Thanks for sharing!

Stay tuned …


The B-Direct is an extremely flawed concept, I’m afraid, for people who care about good streaming (yes, phone calls sound better in BOTH ears, and streaming mono is a joke). I predict that HA’s coming out in 2019 using BT 5.0 will make the Directs completely obsolete (as well as lots of streaming accessories needed by Android user


Good to hear from someone who really uses this product. AND finds that it works well. 90% of the time I am carrying the phone in my shirt pocket. I have ordered them - will be here in a couple weeks.


AGREE!!! I felt almost forced into the Phonaks cuz Oticon simply took too TOO long to release the ConnectClip. I ended up trading in my OPNs in for the Audeo B in total frustration with Oticon. YES, stereophonic streaming is preferable, and I consider myself very lucky that my left ear seems to interpret sound as well as it does. If I was forced to stream into my RIGHT ear … well, it would be a very bad experience. My right ear seems connected to my elbow - certainly not my brain, when it comes to understanding speech.

Ah, I will be first in line for a device-free, stereophonic streaming ANDROID-based set of aids. Anyone out there know of a manufacturer?


Yesterday I said that phone calls on the Audeo-B Direct are “pretty much as good as a BT earpiece”. Well, I’ve done some experimenting, and have to take that back. I’ve spent part of the day using the Testcall number

to compare how I sound on a call through the aid, vs. a call through my Plantronics M20, in different environments. Also confirmed my findings by a call to my wife with music playing at home. Using the Plantronics, ambient noise is in the “background” and my voice is in the “foreground”. On a call using the aid as a Bluetooth headset, ambient noise and my voice compete with each other. I’m not happy about this.