How does Resound compare to new Phonak Audeo-B Direct?



@HalfEar Here’s the TV Connector data sheet.


I think you may be right after all so I take back what I said earlier about assuming that the Phonak Audeo-B Direct should work with streaming audio from any Bluetooth source. That’s because this link Phonak Audéo B Direct B90 Hearing Aid Reviews clarified that there’s no Bluetooth A2DP support on the Audeo-B Direct. So that means that there’s no CD quality stereo streaming of audio from any Bluetooth source is possible, UNLESS it’s from the Phonak TV Connector.

Wow, the lack of A2DP support is a serious limitation if you want to do anything more than mono phone calls from your phone. Like you can’t get direct audio streaming to your HA from any kind of video or music from your BT enabled TV or phone or PC or tablets, etc. Unless you hook them up to a TV Connector first, which is even worse than wearing a neck streamer because your TV Connector can’t be worn on your neck and worse, requires a wired connection usually.

I would rather wear a neck streamer to get my HA to work with an Android phone so that I can stream more than just phone call audio from my Android phone in this case.

@1Bluejay, can you confirm whether you can stream more than just phone call audio from your Android phone or not? Thanks.


Wikipedia calls HFP the Hands-Free Profile


OK ALL: First off - a BIG THANKS for all your noodling and research on this Phonak Audeo-B streaming stuff! Very grateful for the insights shared here. I had just started a separate thread even, not wanting to hijack my own Trial By Phonak Fire with the singular issue of streaming.

Based on my 3 days of trial, I’m already guessing that these aids will not stream with anything but my Samsung phone and the TV (via that TV streaming unit still to be tried when I get it on Tues).

Kind of lame. But I guess as a retired person, I’m OK with the vacuum of devices these aids stream with. I actually LOVE the fact that every call I answer or make on my Samsung phone streams into that left ear. I’d waited and WAITED for Oticon to provide a streamer to no avail. So life is GOOD.

I can live without the Macbook Pro streaming as I’ll just plug in my Sennheiser headphones. Clunky but effective. (I better go try that out right now before I eat my words.)

One other comment about these Phonak aids: the control button is on the very TOP of the behind-the-ear unit. So it’s kind of hard to get to. I have to paw through my hair, feel around for the button and scrunch it before it slips through my fingertips like a BB. The battery door is REALLY hard to open, so if I ever put it into Airplane mode, I’d have to take the aids OUT, open the door, and close them while holding down the control button about 10 seconds. Cludge.


GREAT! This data sheet shows that the audio should be “stereo”! Wow, if that’s true, these aids are keepers! I will let everyone know how that pairing experience goes when I get the unit next Tues.


Yes, audio from the TV Connector is stereo, and the device is USB powered, so could be easily carried on an airplane for use with one’s laptop, etc.

Streaming Phonak Audeo B-Direct to MacBook Pro

I just want to clarify that if you were willing to use the (not available yet) ConnectClip 3.0 neck streamer for the Oticon OPN to work with your Android Samsung phone, that solution (using a neck streamer for Android phones) is already available on almost all other newer brands/models. The Audeo-B Direct is not the only alternative out there for you.

What you should think about is the following: whether you’re willing to forgo the ability to stream music/video sound from any BT source device (your Android phone and MacBook Pro included) wirelessly through a neck streamer, just so you can get rid of the neck streamer and be able to stream directly phone calls ONLY from your Android phone. If the answer is yes, then the Audeo-B Direct is the only HA that can do this for you. But if you don’t mind a neck streamer (which is what the Oticon OPN ConnectClip 3.0 is anyway), then there are tons of options out there.


Is there a list price on the TV connector yet Abram?
I’m thinking of the possibility of getting 2, leave one connected the the TV and one to move around to various other devices.


Very interesting! If the TV unit (actually should be called multi-Bluetooth connector) is stereo AND easy to connect to multiple devices it will really be useful to me! Right now, I have the Oticon TV unit all cable-connected to our home entertainment center, and it is definitely NOT transportable with all that connectivity going on. I do have to say that the Oticon Opn miniRITE streamed beautifully to that TV unit, so it was a JOY to watch any kind of program and hear every word clearly.

Will let everyone know how the Phonak TV unit works when I get it this Tues. Not a moment too soon!


I LOVE that idea! I’ll let you know what I’m being charged for it when I pick it up on Tues.


That is the NUMBER ONE problem here: the (not available yet) ConnectClip 3.0 neck streamer for Oticon’s Opn to stream with my Samsung. Oticon simply can not commit to getting that streamer out to us! It’s a complete cofefe that has been my never-ending probefe for nine months. >: - (


I think you’re missing the point I’m trying to make here, 1Bluejay. It’s not so much about the unavailability of the ConnectClip 3.0 causing you to dump the OPN. That’s already well established. The real point I’m trying to make is that I think it’s better to go with a mfg/brand/model that offers a neck streamer which has full A2DP support for Android phones and other BT devices like your MacBook than to go with the Audeo-B Direct which has no A2DP support.

I think the lack of A2DP support is not worth the trade-off just to have direct streaming of mono phone calls on Android phones while not having stereo audio streaming needed for music and videos. But that’s just my opinion, and your use model and preferences trump anybody else’s opinion anyway.


The other trade off with Audeo-B Direct is that you lose Phonak’s Stereozoom feature which was one of the best solutions in the industry for understanding speech in very noisy environments (i.e. restaurants). Losing this cross broadcast feature on their premium hearing aids makes these hearing aids not worth the money.



Yes - GOOD point! I am probably the atypical user, but I’m also puzzled as to why Phonak would go backwards in technology as a strategy for the Audeo-B Direct. I doubt my aud-guy will have the foggiest idea what A2DP support is … so I’m on my own figuring out what’s the best model HA for me, given my pretty basic listening needs.


Could it be that the “stereozoom” is somehow built in thru other technology in the aids? I’m definitely not having the trouble distinguishing SPEECH in noisy places like I was with my Oticon Opns. There is just not the ambient noise to overwhelm my ears & brain with these Phonaks.


Does anyone know the reason behind Phonak getting rid of StereoZoom?


If you look at the chart here, the new B Direct does not have Speech in Loud Noise (Stereozoom), Speech in Wind and Speech in 360.

I think the reason is that the these features required a wireless signal to cross broadcast between the hearing aids and the new chip can’t handle both the direct to phone and the this extra cross broadcast channel. This Stereozoom feature was amazing in noise and one of the reasons I always went with Phonak products. Not sure how they have compensated for this in the new B-Direct.



ACK!!! I will print this out and ask my aud-guy on Tuesday. What have I got to lose? I have to say that SPEECH discrimination is KEY. Of all the reasons why I wear aids, it’s to understand SPEECH (not stream anything, not hear music better, not enjoy lots of ambient noise). If this is true about the inability to have both streaming to my Samsung for phone calls vs distinguishing SPEECH (and using a clip-on streamer), it would be a serious consideration in my going forward with these Phonak Audeo-Bs.

Thanks for sharing!


One thing I’m NOT finding anywhere on Phonak’s website are the detailed specs for the Audeo-B Direct line. Even if I submit a query in the search window for B-Direct, the chart as shown above in JordanK’s post is for Phonak B; there is no column for the B-Direct that I can see. Instead, the column heads are: Premium, Advanced, Standard and Essential.

Dumb question of the day: Could it be that B is synonymous with B-Direct? I wonder if my aud-guy would even know the answer to this!


Same chart for the B-Direct. Check the asterisks at the bottom to see what features are not turned on for B-Direct.