How does Oticon's Life Learning work?

I was wondering if some knowledgeable member could explain a bit more how Life Learning works on some Oticon hearing aids, specifically the Epoq XW. I understand it means they track manual volume changes per situation, and try to adapt and anticipate those changes. The more specific details I was wondering about were: How long does Life Learning goes on for? Is it always ongoing, or is there a window after which the learning stops? Does it unlearn some stuff? What are some of the variable taken into consideration?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know how many times, or over what period, a manual adjustment needs to be made for the aids to adopt it as a new setting but it is supposed to work this way…

When you adjust the volume, the aid remembers you did so and registers what the program and environment readings were at the time of the manual change. If it sees a consistant pattern of manual change in that program/environment configuration, it will adopt the volume adjustment into the program/environment and you “should” see a reduction in the frequency of manual changes over time. Ideally, you would, eventualy, never need to adjust manually after you have had the aids for a while, since during your initial trial period, the aids would have “learned” your listening comfort levels in all environments and all programs.

For example:
You consistently change the volume manually while in program 1 and “speech in quiet” mode(environment).

It will not change the volume settings of Program 1 across the board in all environments (speech in noise, etc.), it only changes the settings for Program 1 when in “speech in quiet” mode.

The Life learning Feature (if my AuD informed me correctly) can be left on indefinitley. However, she normally turns it off after the client has finished their trials and fittings and gotten the program settings fine-tuned to thier satifaction. Once off, it could be turned back on again at a later date if you wanted to be able to re-fine tune the aids.

If Life Learning gets turned off by the AuD, and I found myself using manual adjustment more frequently a year later, I would ask to get my hearing tested again, have the aids tested & get a REM test to see why my aids were not performing to the levels previously set. (Is it my hearing deteriorating or the Aids?)

So having it turned off once you are happy with the fit would make sense because the need to adjust after that could indicate a change in your hearing or malfunction of the aids. Both of which could go un-noticed if life learning was left on.

Hope this helps.

for life learning to kick in, you must be in step 3 and you must record 60 hrs at least, so it is not a immediate thing…

Thank you for all this information, Squeezer. This is helpful.

Xbuilder, what do you mean by step 3? And by 60 hrs of recording, do you mean 60 hrs of user volume changes? That’s the kind of info I was wondering about, too. Thanks for the info.