How does Opn 1 volume correspond with iPhone volume percentage?

I quite like the new program my audi set last week but it’s way too loud. I saw him select the numbers in the table and reduced it by two clicks. This default corresponds to 70 on my iphone accessibility volume. My go to volume number is 55. I want to ask him to reduce it so that I don’t have to keep fiddling with my volume setting every morning. Does one click on the minus (-) volume in Genie the same as 1% on the iPhone? I want to be sure he does it right.

You could see what the numbers correspond to by looking at the accessibility page while pressing the buttons on your aids. On mine one click seems to be 7-8, though the last step jumps from 85 to 100

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My Audi said no direct/easy correlation. When I had a slight adjustment to something other than volume, my default on my iPhone changed on the right ear only in 1 Program Only. He had no explanation - but he admits he is not iPhone savvy. That’s okay with me…he is a very knowledge Audi.
After the latest firmware update (months ago), the defaults returned to being the same with no other adjustments. Adjust your Hearing Aids to comfortable level - tell Audi you minus 2 clicks – and see where the iPhone sets the default.