How Does One Know When They Have Chosen The "correct" Hearing Aid


Thanks. I’ll try to repost the audiogram tomorrow. I’m new to hearing aids so it’s a BIG adjustment. I was told over 12 years ago I needed them


There are many different factors in hearing loss and how hearing aids interact with hearing loss. Hearing loss is affected by frequencies, tones and the different qualities of sound and environment, and interactions with technologies ( talking on the phone, talking on the phone with automated systems , life person, mobile phones …) also it has tolerances , some sounds that are not bothering full hearing people could be painful, and very painful to people dealing with hearing loss and the hearing aid industry has been trying to work on that too.

It is a shame that hearing aids are so expensive and in countries like the US , are not most of the time covered by health insurance the way it is in Europe.


I demo hearing aids with every test that reveals hearing loss. If I do an in-clinic demo, I utilize validation tools such as aided vs. unaided free-field testing. Oftentimes, I “bookend” demos by allowing clients to try a basic hearing aid vs. a premium product. But, trying every single possible hearing aid is not a viable option. In the end, the client needs to trust the guidance of the practitioner to best filter options by keeping in mind both objective needs and subjective preferences. If the hearing aid feels comfortable, if speech processing is significantly improved, speech in noise features and philosophies are tailored, budget is addressed, and realistic expectations are understood, proceeding with confidence is a natural outcome.