How does dome size affect hearing?

Does the size of the dome have anything to do with hearing.

In a word, YES. There are occluding domes, non-occluding domes, large domes and small domes. The occluding or semi-occluding domes allow more sound to be retained in the ear canal. Smaller domes can sometimes slip out of the canal where as a larger dome can hold the receiver in place. Feedback can be an issue with more open domes depending on how much gain you need. These are all issues that can effect how well you hear.

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I don’t know what the name or style of my domes are.
They are solid in the center and than the outside has holes or openings all around.
So you think the larger ones will allow more sound in the ear canal.

I have a question about power domes. These “double” type of domes seem to be larger than the “open” and “closed” and “tulip” types.
Is this because they are intended to be a tight fit in order to prevent feedback and keep the low frequencies in?

Hi Gilbert basically the answer to your question is yes. But there are other factors to consider! Nice to see another Canuck! Where you located? I’m in Toronto :sweat_smile::canada::grinning: