How do you wear your hearing aids with masks?

Hi! Wearing masks with hearing aids can be tricky. If you have any tips, please email me at for a story on Hearing Tracker.

Hi, I usually find swearing loudly as they fall out and onto the floor helps me manage the tidal wave of stress and despair :smiley:

Not sure how others manage but I’d like to know pls… hope you find out too.


No mask! I wear only a face shield

I wear the aids with a mask the same way as without one. I take the mask off very carefully and make sure the aids are properly in the ear afterward before driving off or leaving wherever I am at the time.


Just remove the mask by pulling up the top of the ear loop on each ear, and be sure to clear the hearing aids as you remove the mask. Check to be sure your aids are in place.
Easy peasy.


Bought these and they work perfectly


I don’t wear masks with ear loops. I wear the type that has elastic bands that go around my head so no part of the elastic touches my hearing aids. So no problem.


I use masks with two elastics that do not go around your ears. One loop on back of head and the other behind neck. I got them from a local tailor who was making them for folks. works really well.

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I took a baseball cap and put snaps on the side and attached a cloth mask to the baseball cap with the snaps. I put on the baseball cap and just lower the cloth shield. Never goes near the ears. You can unsnap the shield and wash it then re-snap it back on after the washing.

Don’t wear an ear-loop mask. These are a bit more expensive, but if you have behind the ear aids this is the only way to go. The strap can be worn higher on your head than shown in the photo so it doesn’t interfere with the aids at all.

Maybe masks should also be rated as to how well they work with hearing aids behind the ear, etc.?!

Here’s a new article today from the NY Times that says a division of the CDC is at least working on rating system for the filter efficiency of mask material, perhaps with a view of masks being sold as a protective device being required to have a filter efficiency rating on them:

How Effective Is the Mask You’re Wearing? You May Know Soon - The New York Times (

Make sure the loop is between your ear and the aids.
What happens is if your not mindful when you put the mask on you will usually put them over the aids.
They then catch the aids when you take them off.
Also when you take them off pull the top of the your ear down and slide the loop off.

Hi there, I saw someone who hotglued a button to the arm of their glasses ans hooked the loop of the face-mask around the button.

This is the best technique I have seen. It was posted here months back, but is excellent!

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Thanks for the tip. I ordered these and they look like they’ll serve my purpose perfectly.

In addition to the HA issue they, in addition to my glasses, make masks pretty uncomfortable. Also, even on a mask with metal over the nose, my glasses fog badly. Having the mask tension at a bit lower angle should greatly help that issue as well.

I have several masks with the “around the head/neck elastic, work okay, just a wee bit more work
to get off. I have bandana’s, (28” on sides) work very well, don’t get near the HA’s, but make ya look
like a bank robber…lol. The two best masks I have are a sweatshirt with hood, and face cover., and
I picked up a Arctic Face cover recently, good in cold weather, wrap around with velcro in the backi
doesn’t get near the top of the ears. Also provides better air flow for the user, and by seating the
bottom of one’s glasses on the outside of the mask, no fogging.

Thanks all who helped out Julia. Here’s the article she wrote… I just published it. Love to get your feedback: Struggling to Wear a Mask and Hearing Aids? Here’s Help!

Well, I’m glad someone is trying to pull info together, with videos. The first video demonstrating the correct technique is useful. That’s what I try to do, but I’m still hooking my aids pretty regularly. I’ve learned to cup my hand under my ear when I take the mask off so I can catch it if it falls out. But the doc with the eyeglass rubber band tip? I’m really not self-conscious about wearing hearing aids. But wearing them with rubber bands dangling down from my glasses and sticking out of my ears? I don’t think so.

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But wearing them with rubber bands dangling down from my glasses and sticking out of my ears? I don’t think so.

Yeah, good point. Do you think Julia missed any good suggestions for glasses and hearing aids?

As I posted earlier, I ordered the extenders that @lgbuck62 mentioned.

They work much better than putting the ear loops around the ear. Since the pull on the mask is at a lower angle, it has the added benefit of reducing (but not quite eliminating) the fogging of my glasses.

$6.99 gets you 4 of them, so it’s a fair price.

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