How do you turn off an Oticon Streamer?

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New to hearing aids and associated accessories.

I have Oticon Epoq HA’s which I picked up last Wed. No problems getting used to the HA’s but the streamer is another story.

I had not intended to wear the streamer all waking hours. But it is frustrating to try and use my cell when it stays paired with the streamer which is sitting a room away from me. There is no “off” switch on the streamer per what I have found so far.

There is a lot of good information on this forum but I was unable to find an answer using the search function.

this is what Oticon web site says "

The Streamer powers down when left untouched for approximately 30 seconds and does not need to be manually turned off or on. Pressing any button on the Streamer will re-activate it from low power mode.

Please note: The slider bar on top of the Streamer is a key lock and not an on/off button. But activating the key lock makes the Streamer save power, prolonging battery life also when streaming."

My Blackberry stays paired until I turn off the Blue tooth on the phone. I also have the choice of choosing the handset or speaker for every call. Hope this helps.

To turn off the bluetooth push and hold the bluetooth button on the Streamer for about 3 seconds until the blue light goes out. Press and hold again to re-activate.

Thank you for the response. The bluetooth turns on and off just like you stated.

I went back and carefully read the Instructions for Use book that came with the streamer. I found the information on page 41. The book referred to turning the “connect” function on and off. I was thinking turn the “bluetooth” on and off.

I guess I better read the book more carefully before someone tells me to RTFM. :slight_smile:

Since installing OS 3.0 on my iPhone the bluetooth connection to my Oticon hearing aid streamer does not work correctly. Prior to installing OS 3.0, bluetooth connection for the cell phone was good. To hear music from the iPod I used a cable. I am now unable to keep the bluetooth from the iPod turned off. Is there a way to turn off the iPod bluetooth and leave the iPhone bluetooth connection for the cell phone turned on?

What about the Bluetooth is not working for you?

If you want to use the wired connection, you still can, as the hardwire has priority over the A2DP. Phone calls have priority over music regardless of streaming by A2DP BT or hardwired.

Turning the Streamed music on & off can be done the following 2 ways.

  1. On the Streamer press the Music Button no music to your ears but the phone speakers are still muted because they think they are still sending to BT.

2.On the iPhone music screen tap the BT icon in the lower right corner. A screen comes up for Audio Device and you choose speaker. (or headphone if you have one plugged in) However, you will have to turn the bluetooth back on manually when you want to switch back to phone and have BT.

AFAIK, you cannot turn off the A2DP bluetooth profile on the iphone separately from the handsfree profile…

You can on a Blackberry or your PC but I could not find a way to do it on the iPhone. Your only choice may be to roll back the iPhone software to a release prior rto 3.0, but I am not sure that is possible.

This may be a bit of a different issue(s), but here are my annoyances with streaming audio via Bluetooth to Streamer:

  1. If I stop streaming, but remain connected, then leave the BT space (~30ft), when I return, it starts streaming audio again. I would expect it to re-connect but stay in the last state (not streaming audio). Practical implication: I am walking down the hall with the boss, I enter my 30’ perimeter, and all of the sudden I am listening to Jimi Hendrix, not the boss.

  2. When streaming from a Blackberry or PC, between songs (or between page loads with an on-line presentation), the audio disconnects, plays an audible beep, then re-connects (at default volume, not where you had it last). This makes me listen to a beep, then turn the audio down via the streamer, over, and over, and over, and over…
    This does not happen when using a Bluetooth dongle to stream from iPod or another audio source. There are settings on both PC and Blackberry to keep audio connection during pauses, but this doesn’t help.

I could complain about the quality of the mic on Streamer, but that would be pretty redundant.

All that said, I love this thing, and I wear it all day. I am on conference calls 4-6 hours a day, and it makes all the difference. When do we get a Gen 2 Streamer?