How do they check digital aids to see if they are fully working?

I’ve read about ‘clean and check’ for hearing aids and my Naidas were done end of last year but I’ve never found out actually how they check that the HA is working?
I know how they clean the HA but don’t know how they check it. I hope they don’t do listen to it via the hearing aid stethoscopes!

Anyone know how they do it?

Most audiologist and repair facilities have a test box that they put the hearing aid into to see if it is working properly.

Hey, don’t knock the old stethoscope (unless you’re worried about us getting our ears blasted out when listening to your Naidas!). You can actually figure out quite a bit by listening to aids if you’ve been around for any length of time.

That being said, the test box will give a digital readout of how the circuit is functioning. Depending on the model, you can test overall gain as well as other things such as directional microphone function and battery drain.


Probably the most used tool in my home visit box.

I found this info about they test HAs.

As far as the check portion, I usually listen to the aid first with a stethoscope, cycle thru the programs (if aid has a program button) and volume control (if it has one) to make sure everything functions correctly. Some aids have internal type wax guards as well that I look at to see if they need replacing or cleaning. This usually requires disassembling the hearing aid to its core and is not advisable for patients to do themselves. At the same time I am looking for any moisture that may have built up.

I usually tell my patients checking and cleaning is like changing the oil on your car every 3-5k miles. The better regular preventive maintenance we do, the better you will hear and the longer your hearing aid will last. I do not charge for checkups and cleanings for just that reason.

Hope this helps!

This is how my audiologist tests my HA.

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