How do I use My Hearing Test?

where the instruction to download My Hearing Test I don’t know how to fill on those numbers on the chart …where is the HELP button ?

Welcome to the forum.

Upper right corner of any page is “My Account”
Select that and sign in if it asks.
Select “Public Profile”
Select “ My Hearing Test”
You can enter your audiogram there.

You figured out how to load pictures. It took me a while to do that. Piece of cake now.

Is this your first try at wearing hearing aids?

Did you find the chart? Are you unsure how to read the numbers?

Here’s how I read yours:

This is for “air”. If bone were very different from air it would suggest trouble in outer or middle ear, but they plot close, and the notes do not suggest any such trouble.

I skipped a few because nobody here will do a detailed correction. I did do your 3000Hz (or 2800Hz) dip because that’s important for both speech and feedback.

We will try to give you honest help.
Not sure what you want your email removed from.
Losing a hearing aid is really bad luck.
Buying hearing aids can be very hard to do. Some just want to take your money but there are others who are really good. It can be a gamble.

The most consistent place to buy hearing aids would probably be Costco. Most buyers are very happy.
You might give them a try.