How do I stream TV sound to my HAs while spouse listens to TV at their volume?

Try looking at the Roger Pen if you want TV at a different volume in your ears vs. the sound output of the TV. Dr. Olson talks about this at: YouTube

Thanks for providing the link to Dr Olson’s video on the Roger Pen. I have indeed thought about it … but then I get back to the reality of needing that PEN clutched in my hand, or placed on a table (and perhaps forgetting to take it with me!).

I have almost the reverse situation of what Dr Olson touts about the benefit of the Roger Pen: instead of ME listening to the TV at full volume, and the TV being muted for everyone else in the house, I’m trying to keep my streaming volume at a safe, low, comfortable level, but it’s being overwhelmed by the ambient TV soundbar speaker that’s pumped UP as that is what hubs listens with. It’s a bit of a quandary for now.

On top of which all our media choices (TV, my streamer, the soundbar, any show we play thru the internet) is run through a Mac mini media center. Even my streamer is plugged into that. I just don’t understand the technology enough to know how I can maybe use a Toslink or some other cable to connect to our TV and hear at a comfortable level.

I think my best option will be to get in to my audi and have him utterly MUTE all ambient sound in the TV streaming program. It could be as simple as that. :slight_smile:

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LOL haggis! I just can’t figure it out. He can hear SO MANY things that I still miss with my aids, but then I DO occasionally translate stuff on the TV that he’s missed. He can hear shows on his Mac at an absolute mumble, but then we go playing “Casino Royale” at 90dB!! :hear_no_evil:

I guess I’m biding my time till he turns 90 and actually, truly, finally needs to wear aids. Then we can both limp into the sunset with our perfect volume streaming into aids. :slight_smile:

Of course with that date being decades away, I’m hoping for a miracle! Bionic Ear.


What television system do you use? I. E., Direct TV (what I use), Dish? Cable?

I have just started using the Phonak m50R hearing aids (a month or so). Just today, I was able to connect my Phonak TV Connector and get it to working. I’m not really understanding your thread, but thought I would give my experience.

I connected the TV Connector to the back of the Direct TV receiver. To do so, I had to buy (about $6 or 7 from Amazon) an adapter–3.5mm to coaxial ends. (someone on here has posted Amazon links to what you would need). The coaxial ends connect to the output terminals on the receiver. It streams to my hearing aids just fine. The TV volume is not affected, so my wife can turn the volume up or down on the TV as she sees fit.

The only problem was that my hearing aid volume was so high it hurts my ears. The only way I found to reduce the hearing aids’ volume is thru the myPonak app. The TV Connector’s volume buttons on the top do not work using the 3.5 mm cable. The volume can only be controlled thru the app.
Is this what you are trying to do? If not, then disregard what I just wrote. :unamused:. Sorry, if it’s not helpful.

We only watch movies and tv programs through Amazon prime. We do not subscribe to Direct tv or others.

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^^^ Ditto for us. NO cable, satellite or even local TV station.
I’m convinced our issue is not one of cables, TV type or even connecting our aids to the streamer. It’s simply that we both have an EXTERNAL audio device hooked up to the TV (i.e., soundbar) and when the volume on THAT device is loud enough, it simply overwhelms (i.e., is LOUDER than) the audio we’re streaming in our aids.

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Totally agree 1Bluejay. My DH is really good about wearing the head phones and that solves the problem. One thing o might check w/ my Audi is if I can add a TV program on HAs to close off ambient sound. That was suggested by someone here in this thread. I think it can be done. Just don’t know if it can be programmed as a separate program. Y’all , Thanks for the inputs.

Or, Roger Select. Either type or Roger can be used as a TV streamer, in addition to their other qualities. I’ve taken up streaming from the TV with the Roger Select iN that I’m trialing. Spouse sets the TV volume, I set the boost that goes directly to my HAs (Phonak M90-13T).

The only problem we have is that when she mutes the annoying ads, I still hear them. In theory, I could mute them with my phone app, but it’s a pain to keep waking up my phone every time there’s an add.

I don’t think you’re going to find a solution to this in any shape or form. The mute function in the TV or soundbar is linked with the volume control. You want a constant volume output to the TV Connector so you can have independent volume control relative to the speakers. However, there is no mute in this sound path. There’s not technical reason they couldn’t mute this sound path as well, but absolutely NOBODY does this (in terms of TV manufacturers).

The only way you could “piggyback” off the speaker output mute function is to get a volume-controlled output from the TV which would be even more frustrating because you’d have to adjust your volume every time your partner adjusted the speaker volume and you might easily run out of range one way or the other.

Virtually all the TV we listen to is recorded, so we can skip through the ads. This is even for live events. On a hockey game for example I will set it to record, and then start watching it about an hour after the game starts. I skip all the ads and the intermission talking heads. About the time the game is over, I have caught up to live. Avoids ads and saves time.

Yup! It’s on my to-do list! I’d initially had the ambient sound OFF, then turned it on LOW to at least converse with hubs, but as the soundbar gets jacked up these past months, I need to go right back to ambient sound OFF.

Now my prob is how to get off a mile-high mountain after a dumper of a blizzard to see my audi? He has my backup aids right now, and it’s going to be DAYS before I can get down to civilization to get them.

Hm. I really should train a carrier pigeon… :bird:

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1Bluejay, thanks. I intend to talk w/ my Audi on Monday and get an appt. I am not liking these closed domes - so I’m thinking I’m going back to the click vented. My music and TV sounds bad - so tinny. I will get a TV program that blocks ambient noise. With these changes I will request another REM just to make sure all is ok.
You must be in Colorado - mile high (-: We don’t have any snow yet )-: Good Luck w/ getting to Audi.

Or an African swallow. Or a European swallow. :wink:

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Sequoia_Woman, I’ve always found that leakage, over-venting and poor fit made sounds (music, speech, etc.,) more TINNY.

In fact, if the domes are sealed and you are trending to occlusion, it would likely sound BOOMING, deep, and without the fricatives at the high end.

I DO hope you get the sound quality that we pay SO MUCH for, and that you’ll be happy with the results.

Denver? Nope! Keep guessing! :wink:

Wow. I received and installed my Oticon TV Adapter 3.0.

I read about it here and got one. Installed it using the optical sound didlgital connection and Wham. Things changed.

I found that between the basic Oticon App on my iPhone and the native controls I have a lot of control over TV sound and even basic on and off of the TV program.

My wife and are watching and she has the volume set to a nice level for her. Me I have my own control and I am happy.

Now oddly I just asked her about the sound of a ticking Grandfather clock in the show we are watching. She can not hear it.

The subtle back ground sounds are very interesting. I can hear a lady in the background folding a sheet.

I have to say, out of the box, Wow!!

How about Canada? Is that it?

I support D_wooluf’s idea.

I don’t use a TV streamer but I have trouble in a different environment with competing sounds.

I have had season tickets to local college basketball for years. About ten years ago I became very sensitive to loud sounds so I started wearing earplugs because of the brass band and loud PA system. My hearing was still good. Later my hearing degraded and I got aids last year. What works better for me now is to wear good noise-cancelling headphones at the games. I keep my aids on and turned on, and I can converse with some difficulty with people around me (conversation is harder than with the earplugs, but either way we all have to shout at each other).

In addition, I sometimes stream the radio broadcast during the games. I find that enough noise still comes through that streaming via the aids is hard to hear, so I stream to the headphones instead. They have fuller sounds and more available power.

I think this would translate to the living room. Try using good headphones. Depending on the output types on the TV and/or sound bar, you might be able to stream to the headphones, or plug the headphones in. Then you would not have to pay for a TV streamer.

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Nope! Not even close. :slight_smile:

Well YAY and all! I got in to see my audi, and he turned all ambient sound OFF - utterly and completely - while I’m in TV streaming mode.

OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I’m LOVING it! I no longer hear any echo at all. I can stream the TV at a volume comfy for ME - and I find myself turning the volume way down for LOUD MUSIC in the movies or the BIG ACTION scenes in so many movies.

Life has never been better. Of course, my having ZERO ability to hear even a PEEP from the dear hubs next to me makes for funny sign language throughout the movie. He’ll be air-spelling entire sentences with his finger. He just can’t leave me be to watch the movie. Ever. :slight_smile:

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Your tv uses Bluetooth to link to your hearing aids. So the best answer is. You can’t use the Bluetooth and your partner hear the tv at the same time.