How do I know if I hear well?

Hi All, I am going for my first visit after receiving my new HA’s. I am able to turn the TV volume down three or four notches. I hear the dishwasher changing cycles, I hear the AC and my keys jingling when I walk. I have a heavy fire door in my new apartment. I can hear talking and laughing at the 9:30 AM chat group in the hall. Never have I been able to hear that before so that is a very good thing.

My car Sirius radio does not seem as clear as it should be. Perhaps I could set it as a program because I don’t know if it is road noise or just bad sound. Also hearing on my iPhone is pretty bad. I have no idea if this is the best I will get or should I try for more? I just don’t know what to accept. I still am unable to understand people talking through their facemasks about 10-15 feet away.

Maybe my fitter will tell me “hey you are doing pretty well.” I have no occlusion or feedback. I wear double domes with no vents. I feel this is awesome from what I read on here about vents etc.

The best volume for me is to put my Resound aid with the built in Roger near the TV speaker but that slurps up a lot of juice.

Would love to hear what you all think. Thank you

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Has your car radio equaliser been set to give best sound for you before you got the aids? You might need to reset the car radio.

iPhone I can’t help. I use an Android and it is linked to the aids. The sound is crystal clear. Best ask your fitter about that.

Regarding face masks, definitely less easy to hear them. Apart from the muffle effect you are also losing lip synch. You might not realise how much you have been lip reading. I went to the opticians on Friday. Some voices were muffled, the European technician was impossible to understand until she removed her mask.

I set my aids to restaurant mode, ie focused directly ahead. When the optician kept looking away to his computer and talking I could not understand him at all.

As for as the Sirius I also stay play with the equalizer. And as for as the IPhone are talking on the phone or are you streaming your calls to your hearing aids. I have to stream my calls to my hearing aids from my Iphone. The iphone can also be set so you can here better the normal way if you have the t-coils or phone enhancer on the hearing aids.

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I don’t have TCoil in my Resounds. I told Costco I did not want them because I had them in my Sonics and they never helped me at all. Those were fit by a real audiologist and perhaps he never activated them. They would have worked with my phone had he done so.

At my appointment on Tuesday I will ask the fitter to pair my phone. The user guide tells me to do this.

In this electronic age we are living in it is learning, learning, learning. I am going to ask NASA if I could pilot the next space shuttle. LOL

Now my printer quit. I know how to check the SSID and all that which is correct but it still won’t print. Another long phone call tomorrow. Will also fiddle with the equalizer in my car radio. Have always had the treble sound very high.
Costco now has Remote assistance but I live only 12 miles away so maybe won’t need it.

Thank you all for helping.

great to hear you are hearing stuff you haven’t heard in a while. I have Oticon Opn S1s which pipe my iPhone calls straight into my ears. Love it. I had it with the last set as well and I have grown dependent on it. I have three of those portable phones off my hardline in my home and I can’t hear worth a darn on two of them! I try to tell folks to tend toward calling me back on my iPhone.


Road noise: stop the car and listen. If possible, turn off the engine but leave the radio going. If it sounds good with “no” noise, ask your fitter what can be done for car road noise. This is mostly bass, even deep bass, so can be filtered. But if you listen to the heavy-rock show you will miss the bass; talk-show and some pop can take some or a little bass-cut.

My other car has a “loud” muffler and I think the deep bass overwhelms my hearing aid unless we are coasting. I have some thoughts on that, but I can’t get my fitter to go for a ride with me and his tuner-box.

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Looking at your audio gram you’re never going to hear well. That’s not how this works. Aids help they don’t fix. The real question is are you hearing better. That’s where the trial period comes in. Take them out for a ride and try them under different situations. You know what it was like without the aids. So is it better with the aids. Is speech comprehension better in quiet and noisy backgrounds. Also keep in mind that you will need to adjust to the aids themselves. At the start everything could sound LOUD. You’re brain will need to adjust to that first. Be patient. Give this some time. Take notes to bring to audiologist next visit so you can help him make adjustments. Bottom line is only you will be able to really tell if you can hear better. Remember. Not fix. Help. And take your time. Don’t let frustration rule the day. Don’t know where you’re getting the aids but a 1 hour walk around Costco with your loss is ridiculous

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I asked my dispenser the other day about setting my car radio on restaurant so I could get a more narrow focus. He said my car could also have rear speakers. I will leave it on “all around” sound and check it in the parking lot where there would be no road noise as has been suggested by the next poster.

Could you post your audio gram? I am curious about your hearing. Everybody on here is such a big help. I have not given out my Cell number to very many people so I am almost always called on my landline and have not had enough calls to make a good test.

I hear very well on my land line when I set the speakers on.

Rather than change your aids, change the radio. You should be able to shift the audio focus to the front and balance to left or right.

You can also alter the equaliser to boost different frequencies. In theory your aids will have the proper equalisation but the radio tuner might give an additional boost where needed.

I have the Oticon home phone adapter, it works good with the connect clip and my OPNS1 aids. But the two down sides are the needing of the connect clip, and the fact that the connect clip and the phone adapter have issues with staying paired together. I have complained to my Audi and he has talked to Oticon about it and still not answers or even acknowledgement of the problem.

I did readjust the equalizer because I needed more middle to high frequency. But I did not notice anything about left or right or rear or front speakers. I am the only one using the car.

I drive such short distances I do not get much of a chance to constantly change channels for a good purview. Some stations are better than others.

We bought a new 2014 Malibu LT2. 24K miles on it now. Excellent tires with still 7/10 tread. High end speakers. I remember thinking right after we purchased it “ wow what a quiet car.”

Thank you everybody and I will just keep testing. Have used HA’s for 15 years. These Resound Preza’ s are the best and I love them. I just have to learn all of the software.

This has been a problem for a bunch of us here on the forum.

Your question about “how well do I hear” might be answered by having someone with you that hears well. By comparing it will help you understand if you are doing well or not.

I don’t remember if you wear molds or domes. The type of domes or earmolds will really have an effect on hearing quality.

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If I can figure out how to take a scan off my printer and move it to my computer, then attach it here I’ll be glad to.

At the top of most pages you have Hearing Aids, Clinics, Resources and Forum.
Click Forum.
There you will find My Hearing Test.
That’s where you can add your audiogram to your avatar like most of us have done.

I should have said, I don’t have an audio gram but mu lost is in both ears above 2.5kHz

I’m unable to find the audiogram. Should I track it down in the next few days I will get it posted for you. My recollection is that my right hearing is at about 70 at the upper frequencies but my left drops down to about 45 or thereabouts. My word recognition without aids is really terrible, with aids far better. I had a marked decline last August from my previous test three years before that. the OPN S1s restored a great deal for me.

First off. I am having a difficult time highlighting so I can copy and paste the paragraph. It only wants to highlight one word. Any ideas on this would help me a lot. I should practice because maybe one of those little icons would copy and paste for me but they don’t come up until I am ready to reply

I have closed double domes and they fit me perfectly, no occlusion, or feedback.
Perhaps I am expecting perfection. Hass5744 read my audio gram and said with my loss I will never have perfection but they are helping me tremendously. I hear so many things that I never heard at all. I think I mention those in my first post on this.

I am afraid to go back and paste another paragraph in this same post because I fear I will lose it all. Is there a site we can go to that can explain all these little nuances in this forum? This is one of the most excellent Web Site I have ever seen. Everyone is so helpful.

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I found the audiogram and entered the data as best I could figure it out. I hope it’s now visible to anihan. I found the text accompanying it which reads: “mild to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss, bilaterally. Word recognition in quiet at enhanced presentation levels was 84 percent in the right ear and 60 percent in the left ear. Speech in noise testing indicates difficulty with speech clarity when noise present.”

Hey Eliot good job. :+1::+1::+1: