How do I know I have a Delta 8000?

I’m in the testing stage with a Oticon Delta 8000. How do I know it is an 8000 and not a 6000 or 4000? All it says on the BTE unit is Oticon…no numbers appear.

you can ask your audi to conect the delta to the Gennie (software)
the he press detect instrument- a screen will appear
Delta 6000, 4000, or delta 8000 acording to the instrument…

If you pop off the microphone cover, get a magnifying glass, and the serial number and model are located underneath.

Thanks for the info. I’m afraid to pull off the microphone for fear of damaging something, so I will have my audiologist connect to the Gennie on my visit next week and will then verify the model.

Delta is a modular instrument…

When it is broken you either change the revier
or the amplifier…

that said, repair - NO repair you switch it for a new one… it take

little or no time