How do I get a Phonak Roger X to work with my Phonak ComPilot II?

When I plug my Roger X into my ComPilot, it just beeps when my Roger Select is on.

When I attach my Roger X into an audio shoe, it works properly.

What am I doing wrong? I can’t figure it out.

I do have a ComPilot Roger program but I also have my Roger Ready program which I can’t access via my program button.

How do I go about accepting the signal?

Figured it out, I have to press the big button on the ComPilot.





I did wonder if having Integrated receivers on my Aids as well would cause issues but it doesn’t.

I got the Roger X receiver in case I need to swap over to my spare Aids.

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You talking to yourself again @Zebras, and worryingly answering yourself back :joy: :upside_down_face: :rofl: I am glad you found a solution :wink: