How do I correct the audiogram in my profile?

like I said sorry for the mistake in there, still learning the crap about editing LOL
anyways, still moderately severe (will have new hearing aids in December before I’m 26)


That’s a challenging loss. Do hearing aids help much? Have you considered cochlear implant?

it’s a mistake I made in the chart, sorry! (Please read the note above) *also my hearing loss is still moderately severe)

So your loss is more like a flat 70dB? That’s still pretty challenging I bet. The only way I’ve had any success editing is to delete previous attempts and then give it awhile.

it’s all 70/80 on top of each other (think of this like a stack of brick on bricks on bricks)

You have always worn Oticon if I remember right but thinking about trying something different this time.
Are you wearing BTE or RITE aids now?

BTE! and yes, since I was 10 yrs old :wink: