How do I add audiogram to my profile?

How are you posting your Audiograms? They don’t look like photographs. I have mine photographed with my iPhone but it is not the same.

Try that. It may ask you to login or even create an account. Fill that out based on your printed test and you’re good to go.

I did it. It said Success but where do I find it? I clicked my A above but not there.
Thanks for your help phobos512.

I found it. Some folks include theirs in a Post. I suppose I will find a way to do that if I need to. I am amazed at this WebSite. You can find anything you need to know, topics, new, read, etc.


This is a great forum, lots of terrific info available, and people are very willing to share their experiences.

oh Wow, I got yours… Avatar ,name from the movie? No, I didn’t want to Edit, only Post. Have to click my name to see if I can bring up mine. If you do mine you will see how I am severely to profound hard of hearing.

Looks like you got it.
To be specific…you don’t need to post it per se…you enter it into the site and then when we click on your avatar to the upper left of a post of yours then your audiogram pops out.
Or, do you mean edit?

Thank you I got it. This is so amazing, I am still in wonderment about it.

I think you might have messaged me about an old post of mine. That was referencing a much older system. Welcome to the forum. Do you currently have hearing aids, or will these be your first?

Have had for 15 years. So this will be my third set. All of you people are so smart, I cannot keep up with some of the things you are saying. I have an appointment to go to Costco when they open only because, well it is nice that they are cheaper, but I feel like I will need a lot of babysitting. If you look at my audio gram you can see what I mean. I don’t know which ones I will get but at least the fitter there has been doing it for 25 years and they do use REM.

Do any of you people think if you look at my audio gram that I will be able to hear in a small group and or in a restaurant? I also have problems on the phone and have my TV cranked up very high and do use captions.

At an “audi”couple months ago for a fitting, tried on a phonak and Oticon.The Oticon felt much better. She did not do R.E.M. but I liked her a lot. she really tried hard. Would have gone back to her had I not found this website and Costco.

I think it’s pretty much impossible to predict how you will do in a group or in a restaurant based on your audiogram. Many people with “normal” audiograms have difficulty in those situations.
I do think well fit hearing aids should help you. Since you mentioned TV, I think getting a device in addition to your hearing aids that will stream the TV sound directly to your hearing aids would be helpful. Pretty sure all of Costco’s hearing aids have that as an option. If understanding speech in a noisy restaurant is a priority, my suggestion would be to consider Resound hearing aids from Costco and get their MultiMic. If it’s more of a “would be nice,” then any hearing aid should help some.


It looks like you have ski slope. Right? But your bass sounds are up there in normal range. So if I may ask what brand do you find that works the best for you?

Costco is a great place to usually get a quality fitting and service at a very fair price, but there are a few who were unhappy with Costco or just wanted a different type of service.

I am one of the members who believe all modern hearing aids can help with your hearing when they are properly fit and adjusted.

Looking at your audiogram I would think properly fit aids should help you in a small group or a restaurant but restaurants can be very loud or not so loud pending on many things. That can affect your ability to understand speech in noisy restaurants.
Your low frequency hearing is getting into the 40 dB range so double domes or ear molds might be best for you.

You have come to a great place to learn about hearing loss and hearing aids.

Welcome to the forum.

Yes, I have a ski slope loss with near normal hearing in the lower frequencies. I have hearing aids that are about 3 1/2 years old. They are Kirkland KS7 (from Costco) that were made by Rexton. They work reasonably well to help me hear in most quiet situations. I still prefer TV ears for watching TV and loud restaurants are very challenging. I’m thinking of replacing them in a year or so. Most any hearing aid can be programmed to work. Different aids have different features that may make one more suitable for one’s special wants/needs.

Raudrive, Thank you. I think I have double domes in my hearing aids if I am understanding the terminology correctly. Also I believe they are closed domes. I have some real tiny tiny domes that have holes in them but they are too small for my canals. What is the difference or benefit of having a double dome rather than a single dome? I never have feedback.

Double dome and power domes are one in the same, also known as closed domes. They usually have very small vents.
As long as you don’t have feedback issues you are doing fine with the domes you are using. As a person needs more gain for more hearing loss the potential for feedback increases. Usually more occluded domes or earmolds are needed to stop feedback when gain is increased for more hearing loss.
You are catching on quickly. You will be helping others soon.

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