How do Bahas and Pontos work?


Hi, I’ve been going through hearing assistance hell recently. In the last two years or less, my hearing in my right ear has gone from a moderate loss to profound. I still have a moderate loss in my left. I’ve seen two ENTs and a couple of audiologists. Two of the ENTs have recommended a hybrid cochlear implant because I still have good low frequency hearing in my bad ear. One recommended a Baha 5 Superpower or a Ponto Superpower and both audiologists talked to me about trying a Bicros aid. I’m so conflicted about what to do. Anyway, I really can’t wrap my mind around the Baha option. It would be used for me like a single sided deaf person. My loss is entirely sensorineural in both ears. At least, that’s what it looks like. So, how could a bone anchored device like a Baha help me in my moderate loss ear? I understand that with a Baha type device it’s not a matter of amplification, I know it’s a matter of bone conduction and vibration but can it be fitted to adjust to a particular loss like hearing aids are? These new bone anchored devices have a gain of 65 DB. At the same time that a Baha would be sending vibrations from my bad ear to my better ear through the skull, I’m wearing a hearing aid in my good ear. Someone please explain how all this works. Thank you.

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If your current insurance will cover it, you might want to consider it. Medicare will only cover one implant. If in the future you need the second, it wouldn’t be available under Medicare without getting the one on your current insurance. You need to work with a good ENT with a regular history of doing implants successfully.

You still have good word recognition with you good ear and should do something so that you can maintain that. You want to avoid letting that drop.