How did you lose your hearing?


I suffered a profound loss in my left ear (I’m soon getting cros aids to help with this) as a child due to mumps and have a moderate hearing loss in my right ear now due to being vulnerable to ear infections since childhood.


Hello I’m new to the forum so this seems good place to start. I didnt think I’ve lost any hearing as I know it but have just recently had 2 new aids courtesy of NHS as my previous ones didn’t get used I suppose and got lost in a house move. My long term mutual friend saw an ad and posters in my surgery inviting people to check out their hearing so I reluctantly went and was surprised at results.
I’ve had a really loud buzzing in both ears all my life and when young was often accused of daydreaming or not listening. I never had a hearing test in school and thought everyone had noises and heard like me. I did struggle tho and in high school had copying up to do from friends books as couldn’t keep up. I wasn’t stupid but I thought I was just slow at following things. I had complained of having fuzzy ears and was told it was just earache but I now know those times were when sudden total deafness and extra loud tinnitus occurred but it was part of me and normal. I managed to get a degree and decent job and just cope but realised that not everyone had this continuous load noise going on nor did they constantly need to really concentrate to make sense of what was being said. When I started to go out socially people would literally have to shout down my ear otherwise everything was just a loud drone. In my 20s I went several time to my go when bouts of sudden deafness were taking longer to get back to normal but was told not to worry as my hearing (as it was) did come back and it was probable wax or maybe stress causing the noise in my head. My boyfriend got me to go private cos he had concerns as reckoned must be my ears at fault if I wasn’t deliberately ignoring him a lot. Results showed significant hearing loss and I got some digital aids. They helped with tv but was too embarrassed to use through embarrassment so neglected then lost them. Anyway again prompted and appointment made by boyfriend I went to NHS audiologist with 2 further appointments made. I took it seriously this time and the results stunned me. I don’t feel I’ve had any real loss of hearing since I can remember but results showed I had moderate loss in both ears bordering on severe particularly in left ear and the audiogram suggested I was born with hearing loss. Makes sense really thinking back to situations and dreading being asked a direct question in class when young in case I needed to ask to repeat for the 5th time and still not get it. Audiogram showed loss 50 db in both ears at low frequency dropping to about 70-75 at mid range picking up to 50 in right ear at 8000hz but think left ear did one at that point. Now got 2 aid n hate em n only used twice in public but admit it’s great for tv. Not happy with right one as seems much louder than the other so I’ll go see if it needs to be treated a bit. Am not used to all these sounds and is a bit scary. Was told that there would be some white noise to try mask the big great alarm clock in me head but that’s no different but then it’s always been there so am kinda used to it. Audiologist can’t believe no one ever listened to me nor can boyfriend but it’s ok cos it helped me b able to translate Donald Duck into human speak. Wondered if anyone else went unnoticed n if any advice bout me new aids cos it a love hate relationship at mo. Thank


The love<>hate is something we all go through. Thing seem too loud or shrill. It is a process where the brain need to acclimate and it will but it takes time. Wear the aids as much as you can. Things that are loud or whatever will slowly start to become the new normal. Its fatiguing. Use rest periods with the aids off if you must but the more you can stand wearing them the faster the process. Often the process is weeks but it can run a month or more.


Thanks for reply and ye maybe I’m being a bit impatient cos all this is new to me but the fact I can watch tv without getting frustrated n big head ache a bonus. Guess vanity stopped me persisting with first ones but realise now that our world is perhaps more open and accepting than ever n who wants to be normal. But thanks again because I’m gonna take seriously and persevere. I guess I was a bit startled at first cos sounds am. Not used to seemed to confuse my mind but also there are some nice things like hearing the birds in the trees outside from my living room cos had all my doors open. Really appreciate advice etc and so glad made effort o look at this site cos don’t feel so alone any more


Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking for weeks as I go through the process of getting my first HAs. Thanks for all the incredibly helpful insight! Here is my introduction to my hearing loss.

I grew up in the Mountain West. Outdoor enthusiast. Double barrel 12 and 10 gauge shotguns, 30/30 octagon barrel rifle handed down from grandfather.

Lots of construction work around loud machines like gravel crusher. A couple years in the Midwest, in large factories and on assembly lines

Many loud concerts, as close to the band as I could get. Earphone / headphone use with Sony Walkman, hours in the car with high end stereo quite loud as much as 10 hours per day.

Present day, had throat cancer, luckily NOT from alcohol / tobacco (never smoked, very light drinker back then). Radiation and chemo (Cisplatin) did a job on my ears that the other loud sounds had not wiped. (My audiogram in my profile).


Oh man, 10 gauge. Ouch.

Your hearing is really not bad, considering.


My hearing is on the way out in my left ear due to an acoustic neuroma. In mid March, my notch was only between 1-2.5kHz and only down to about 65dB. 5 weeks later the notch had doubled in width but not severity. 3 weeks after that it was down to 75dB. Who knows what it will be next week!


Hi there,

Ye I got my new pair courtesy of NHS and been trying o use for the last 2 weeks. Recon a good decision and should get yourself sorted cos me me and if fir nothing lose I can watch tv without having to really concentrate to get even half of what’s going on. Music n sound eff cts totally impossible h nice same for cinema. Audiologist reckons was prob born with hearing loss n makes s nose cos I ain’t really noticed any change and didn’t have hearing loss diagnosed til about 30 but did struggle while growing up no guess kinda had my own language in never knew any different . I couldn’t believe when told had moderately sever loss?.. anyway am taking serious now having fought the issue because suppose vanity didn’t like the idea of using in public so after I lost my original ones I just left it. Anyway hated them but now after persisting and using for good portion of day I’m kinda getting used to it. It was a bit scary at first when all a sudden my head was fill d with loud and strange noises some of which I’d never noticed before. I got a few frights n got startled first few days but yr I recon I will go with it and am able to chill with tv instead of getting frustrated and missing half of its with my efforts and headache with the concentration. I did think that hearing wasn’t quite right from bout age 18 but went into denial but think should have sorted and pushed ages ago instead of readily accepting bein fobbed off as thought of aids horrified. I have told friends now so no need worry bout anyone ‘noticing’ but people don’t go round insp citing everyone n take no notice anyway same as those who hAve spectacles. It’s just a normal accepted thing n like I’m so important everyone is looking. They BTE open fit and just can’t see em …ye defo get yourself kitted out cos it is frustrating and the sooner you get used to it life will be a whole lot easier. I don’t know if he was just saying it to get me to use but audiologist said if I didn’t use and had natural or any other further loss then aids prob wouldn’t b v effective as the parts of brain that had had no stimulation ever needed to get into training so then b better equipped to deal with the future. It’s only couple weeks but once they in I’m starting to forget they’re there n feels weird wen they come out cos then does feel like have gone deaf. How did I cope. Good luck and am sure you won’t have any regrets. Ye you perhaps didn’t take caution cos we don’t n think it will never happen so now you can safeguard for the future and from great reluctance it find it ain’t too bad. Good luck.


I first noticed issues after a scuba diving barotrauma issue about 15 years ago - at the time I had a hearing test but didn’t need aids. I’m adopted and many folks in my bio family also have hearing issues, which probably also contributed to things.


Hi el.huron, thanks. I am actually eager to get on with this. I have no hesitation or regrets and I am very technically adept with computers,cell phones, and all manner of electronics.

The clinic I visit has three ENTs and two Au.D’s; I am a patient of one ENT there, four years of cancer treatments and followup, and knew her from years before outside the office, riding mountain bikes with a group of mutual friends, which is how we met.

I had cardiac surgery 13 years ago (no insurance after loosing a 16 year job due to “company reorganization”), emptied life savings to pay the $155K bill. When I got the insurance settlement (from car hitting me on bicycle), I knew I wanted to spend some of that on hearing, and went back to see her about HA’s.

She knows I am a “technoweenie” so referred me to the newer Audi, since he is very technical as well. I am very pleased with this Audi, since he and I have the same level of geekiness about technology and hit it off right away. He has only been there for a few months but likes Signia (from his previous work), but this clinic does not carry Signia. He has encouraged them to carry Signia, they are receptive, and in the process of doing that, but at least 2-3 months away from finalizing that partnership.

Now I just have to be patient, which is really hard now that I know what I have been missing after demoing my first HA’s (Starkey HaloIQ). I am not willing to change clinics, or my ENT would have my privates on a pole in the village square. :rofl:


MHi teejayess

It sounds like your really clued up and rightly so cos it plays a major part in the quality of our lives and I’m glad you’ve found a decent audiologist on same wavelength. I didn’t realise what I was missing cos growing up I’d accepted as knew no different and didn’t question til young adult when realised not everyone had an alarm clock in their head or didn’t understand a word in cinema. Even when went private and was told had significant loss and had some decent digital aids which were what I could afford I went into denial mode I told self it wasn’t that bad and had managed all my life and on balance decided my method of translating Donald Duck into human spk but also missing out on some of life’s pleasures e.g. TV n music etc was best. Well I realise that youth and vanity with a load of embarrassment delayed the decision I’ve now made. Wow it’s like am born again into a different world as far as all the.sounds am now noticing is concerned. It’s great that you’ve now found some HAs that suit you n just shame you’ve got to wait but am sure it will be well worth and sounds like you deserve after health issues you’ve faced and also makes me feel very damn lucky in some respects.

I too have had some health stuff going on ind currently so but with my usual stubbornness I will forge ahead and do what I want and has proved the best way. However I am lucky as over here we automatically pay towards the health service out of salaries or for some any benefits so I have now gone through NHS for my new aids and like self am lucky to get a clued up audiologist as he too uses aids and understands some of my issues and is very patient. He’s issued some resound danalogic aids which have loads functions and over the next few months he can set different programs for me but just now I got get used to them. May not be out there as best ever but they haven’t cost me as I have made enough contributions. However am taking a leaf outta your geekiness and am scouring internet and beyond to find info and happening upon this site is great too as it’s real life experiences being shared and helps me feel I’m not alone. I do empathise with the fact that health care in the States isn’t the same as over here and you are having to basically put everything into getting what you need to make life better. I’m therefore glad I’ve turned to NHS at a time they are issuing latest spec aids (previously horrendous) because Britain is heading towards becoming simelar to yourself regarding health care and many are paying into private schemes already

As always am waffling now but keep me updated on how your getting on and just out interest do you have accompanying tinnitus? :heart_eyes_cat::cat2:


Hi again teejayess

I notice you like to shoot. Me too as went when real young kid and have now got couple rifles and sometimes use pistol for fun to smash targets. It mainly hunting cos loads of woods round here with game plus woodcock and rabbits and also excuse to feel like a kid again as usually dead of night. Don’t think contributes to anything as more detailed audiograpph don’t indicate n shows typical u shaped pattern. Don’t do much target but like going out n will take advice n protect now even tho sometimes don’t take a single shot :heart_eyes_cat:


Ear infections as a young child. I’ve had sensorineural loss for as long as I can remember. But they didn’t have aids that could help someone with my type of high frequency loss until ~2006.


Got it when i was very young. So its born with/genetics. There are several people in my family with hearing loss, but no clear pattern. It skips generations, and siblings. My hearing loss is sensorineural.


I have reverse slope loss (with almost perfect high frequency). We’re still trying to figure out what caused it so that we can hopefully stop its current progression. Think it’s either a result of Lyme Disease or an autoimmune disease triggered by it.


mine is reverse slope too! (thanks to the cigarettes during Mother’s pregnancy which cause a baby’s auditory nerves to be damaged)


Similar to one of the posts above, got mine either very young or most likely genetics. Earliest hearing test was when i was around 5 years old. No one else in my family has hearing loss so it must have skipped everyone apart from me!


Rock and roll. Guitarist and singer. Mostly due to my headphone use while mixing and mastering my music in production for 20 years. Severe hearing loss of just about all high frequency above 1k.


Probably some genetic factors but also had a number of severe ear infections as a young child … enough that going to the ENT during pre-K years was a very regular thing. Some hearing loss was noted during that period. Add to that too much loud music through junior high and high school years. Cranking the music was the only way I could understand the lyrics … honestly, I didn’t know anyone could understand lyrics w/o high volumes. If that weren’t enough, an accidental explosion of some homemade rocket fuel (the kind you launch rockets with … not the kind you drink) further damaged my already bad hearing and left me with some tinnitus (more in the left, the side facing the explosion, than in the right.) I fought the recommendation of hearing aids during the recovery from that event and continued to resist further recommendations for about 15 years. Eventually, though, my hearing loss became a factor in my ability to perform my job so I broke down, got my hearing tested, and worked with BuyHear to purchase some aids online. (Although I do question the sustainability of the brick & mortar business model for aids, I would have likely gone to one if the nearest audiological office weren’t over 150 miles away.)


I’m born early -at 27 weeks. I had a very good hearing. Was able to hear many things that other can’t. At 12 years old, someone put a airsoft in my ear and shot. There was no bullet, but my roght ear went deaf for 3 days. After that, my hearing went good again but left with fleeting tinnitus. At that time, I didn’t know that it was that.

One year ago, at almost 19 years old, the ringing became constant. Medical apointment and after that, I went to an audiologist. In two month, I had two audiograms. The first one, my left ear was hypersensible and my right ear was at the limit of the mild hearing loss. The second, my left was now in the normal range and the right had a mild hearing loss. The ENT, one month later, said that he didn’t consider that like an hearing loss and wave off my tinnitus. He prescribe another audiogram one year later and… here is it! I’m now waiting for january.