How did you lose your hearing?


I had sudden hearing loss in my left ear about five years ago. I went upstairs to brush my teeth and as I was walking to the sink, I suddenly felt a momentary dizziness and the hearing in my left ear diminished by about 50%. I went to my primary care physician who prescribed antihistamines which didn’t work. I didn’t get to an ENT for about a month, by which time it was too late for the steroid treatment to work.

Fast forward five years and I woke up one morning with my right ear about 90% blocked. I got to the ENT that day and started the predisone/antiviral regimen. It’s been a week today. So I have completed the antivirals and I’ll start the tapered dose of prednisone. Time will tell if the hearing on the right side improves. And in a few hours, I get on a plane for an 11 hour flight to Japan.


I was born this way (thanks to mother’s smoking during her pregnancy which caused the auditory nerves to be damaged.)

my mom’s is a combination of her smoking, osteoporosis, aging and the work environment over 30 yrs :slight_smile:


I had a sudden hearing loss after a bout with pneumonia and being given an antibiotic, this was back in 1962. I suppose it was an ototoxic antibiotic that caused the damage. Sorry, I just noticed that I already answered this a while back.


I began my hearing loss discovery in my 20s. A student at the University of Louisville placed an ad for rock musicians to take hear tests (this was in the early 1970s). I started playing rock in the mid-60s, so I participated and discovered I was already suffering high frequency loss. They called it the “Typical rockers’ curve”.


I have no clue.

I have a conductive loss. It was not caused by a birth defect or child illness. Chances are it’s not genetic either, I’m 12 and no one in my family history has needed hearing aids until they were in their 50’s or later. I have had some bad ear infections that caused a lot of wax buildup and had to have surgery to remove my adenoids and put in tubes to clear my ears. However, 3 years later they finally relized that my hearing was no different then it was when it was blocked!

So honestly, I have no idea how I lost my hearing, or if it’s always been this way.


Hello, Would you please tell me about the “cheap Chinese Siemens aids” that you purchased?
Where did they come from? Could that be what I have, thinking that I have purchased genuine Siemens products? Thanks!


Cheap Chinese Siemens come from ebay or amazon. They say they are digital but the are adjusted like analog. They seem to run between $50-100. For a mild-moderate loss with reasonable functioning in noise, they are quite adequate.

The tech is quite old. I am guessing that Siemens licensed them years ago there. Siemens no longer is in the HA business; they sold to Signia.

They were around before the hearable/PSAP became so available and are still a fraction of the cost of many of those. But many of those are more advanced.


Thank you. Did yours actually say Siemens or Signia on them? I purchased a pair two weeks ago.
They say Signia on them. They look real. Of course I have seen some very real looking Chinese
Rolex watches. I am just looking for some truth in this matter. Trying to find any information seems to be like looking into a black hole.


Well they didn’t say Signia. When I got them Signia didn’t exist.
They said Siemens in the manual. Siemens hasn’t asked for trade sanctions so I assume it is under an old license.

They don’t have a warranty and I went thru six of them in the course of a couple of years. But they work for a mild-moderate loss. I suffered a sudden loss later and they sure wouldn’t have worked for that.

They are a stop-gap solution. There are other options available now that weren’t available then. You can see other option on the main board for hearable/psap products. They remain the least costly solution.

If you have an audiogram, knowing it would help. You can enter it in your settings.


When I was a young man my friends and I would go down to the river and shoot all kinds of guns with no hearing protection. Sometimes we would stuff cigarette filters in our ears. We would call each other weenies for doing even that. I think that was the start of my hearing loss. Then came nights at the drag strip, forty years of rock concerts, and to top it off, 30 years as a tugboat pilot, listening to the big diesels run 24 hours a day. Now I have moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and tinnitus that rings at 8500hz. The ringing never stops, so that I can no longer hear silence.
I should have listened to my mother when she warned me about ruining my ears.


which model? you bought


Service in the Israel Defence Forces 1974-1977. Multiple weapons but the one that did the damage was the RPG rocket propelled grenade launcher it was my misfortune to be assigned. Spent a total of 5 years with multiple weapons doing daily live fire exercises. Surprised I could hear at all.


For me it was gunnery practice aboard an RCN (Royal Canadian Navy) training ship. I am afraid I used to love firing the big deck guns in auto-fire mode and wait for the whistling in my ears to stop so I could hear the petty officer in charge yelling at me to STOP! But then later in my 30’s I got massive speakers and amplifier in my Stereo system that could break windows and I cranked them up to the level of pain (especially pipe organ music). When I got to my early 50’s my daughter pointed out that I was asking people to repeat themselves an awful lot so I checked into an audiologist and the story begins. Now I am profoundly deaf and I guess looking back, I have only myself to blame. But I also put some blame on the gunnery instructor that said I don’t need ear protectors, I just need to open my mouth when firing to equalize the pressure in the ear and in the throat so no stress would happen in the ear. LOL!


Sirens for 30+ years as a Paramedic. Noise induced hearing loss symetrically/binaural.


As I recall, I had bad middle ear infections in both ears around 5 years old. Nurmous ear surgeries. Forgot the name of the procedure to removed ear bones and eardrums. And a lot of flesh removed. One doctor said cavity is golf ball size. I have been hearing challenged ever since, I attented special educational program that discouraged Sign Language and promoted lip reading. Then back into public schools.


I have sever/profound SN hearing loss and my folks found out when I was 3 years old. I might have been born this way or it was from high fevers or ear infections when I was really young. I have heard that there was an antibiotic that could have caused this as well. I will never know what truly cause my hearing loss.


In my case 34 years of military service will do it every time!


I was a landscaper. I thought ear plugs protected hearing. I never once worked without them. Ive slowly lost my hearing. It is so wonderful having hearing aids. I can hear things I hadn’t heard since I was a kid. The state bought me these 5 years ago. I can’t afford to fix them if they broke. I’ll never be able to replace them when they die. But for now it is so nice to hear my grand daughter laugh. I will miss that.


@Xevious come back and tells us about them when the die. Somebody may have an old pair. Also, there are self adjustable aids on eBay that are inexpensive.


Genetics. A few of my mums family wear aids