How did you lose your hearing?


I lost my hearing 56 years ago due to an ototoxic antibiotic given for a pneumonia. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 46 years.


Yep…I couldn’t believe I pulled the tiger w/o protection on…the muzzle brake sends the wave out perpendicular to the barrel, which in turn bounced off the walls and ceiling - “dang, that’s gon’na leave a mark”



Interesting - for me I started (age 55 or so) drumming and shooting about the same time - I blamed the drumming because at first I did not wear protection, I always do shooting - I double plug - I shoot USPSA competitive (pistol) events so I need to hear range commands - it’s a tough deal to get right…I’m looking for better active muffs that will allow me to use fitted plugs to take it down the muzzle blast as much as possible -

I found and started using musician plugs that work well, I can still hear the bass player but don’t hurt myself with rare “cymbal queen” events … :smile:


Fifteen years of working a machine shop did it to me. Although I didn’t actually run the machines for that time (I programmed them), I was in the machine shop a LOT. The funny thing is the company was very serious about using hearing protection and testing the hearing at least once per year. I did use hearing protection and never showed any loss of hearing at the time, however I was told later that the hearing protection products we used were later found to be inadequate. Yay for me.


For me, spinal meningitis when I was 5. Initially left me with 100% loss both ears, but regained ~20% in my left ear after some aggressive vitamin therapy (so I’m told).


Born with it! Definitely got the nerve-related deafness from dad’s side of the family, where he, his dad (and mom) all wore aids for that reason.

In addition, I had a series of bad ear infections growing up that culminated in permanent tinnitus at age 14 and then progressive hearing loss from then on down the slippery slope. An Elton John concert I attended a few decades ago utterly KILLED my hearing. My bad for not wearing any earplugs.

I got my first pair of aids at 35 (and would’ve gotten them sooner if I could’ve afforded a pair). I’ve been wearing aids for 27 years now. There is hardly ONE issue related to aids that I have not stumbled through in all that time. I should write a book on it, but it would probably not make the Best Seller’s list, lacking violence, lust or big money. :smirk:


I had bad middle ear infections in both ears as a baby, antibiotics, following ear surgeries, hard of hearing ever since, went deaf over the years. I attented deaf school, special educational programs for the deaf. I learned to talk but rather use Sign Language.


I was diagnosed at an early age around age 3. The cause is unknown. Possibly an ear infection or adverse reaction to antibiotics or genetic. Unsure how to diagnose years after the fact.


Otosclerosis, which often includes some sensorineural loss (lots in my case) in addition to the obvious conductive loss. Affected many females on my mother’s side of family, but I’m male. Hearing impairment got obvious and got first HA’s at about 38, and after 4 stapedotomy operations and lots of HAs, I’m 75.


I wish I knew. I don’t even know when. I had a hearing test in primary school, maybe 7 years old, and they said my hearing was excellent. The next hearing test was 45 years later, showing enough high range loss to make HAs useful. I remember having trouble hearing certain teachers at 16 years old, so it had probably started by then. None of them recommended a hearing test, thanks for that.

How? Maybe fooling with cap guns as a kid? Using an angle grinder without protection as an adult? Computer room noise? Motorcycle wind noise?


I was diag with progressive sensorineural hearing loss when I was 11. Then over the next decades it was as if I made a list of all the things you should not do if you want to preserve your hearing. Played in rock & roll and country bands, raced MX motorcycles back before anyone used mufflers on their expansion chambers, drag raced cars and motorcycles, rode motorcycles without hearing protection. Shot lots of guns without hearing protection.

I think my current state of hearing is 90% my fault.


Yewer bad…


Hereditary on my mother’s side and her mother’s side.


Right ear went to bed ringing in ear 25 years ago woke up hearing gone. Went to doctor and a knowledgeable Nurse practitioner gave me oral steroids long before injections were known to help, brought some hearing back. Process of elimination lead to virus effected nerve. Left ear noise/age related some my fault some age. Costco and hearing aids a blessing.


25 years of riding on a fire truck. No hearing protection except last 5 years. lots of air horns and sirens. Fellow firefighter blasting each other as we walked in front of the parked firetruck. Ageing may have contributed to my loss. Retired now and wearing hearing aids for 6years…Phonak audio 90 belong rechargeable… makes my world better.


B-47 Bombers, the USAF’s LOUDEST aircraft.


In my case it was also a combination of genetics and being subjected to loud noises. (I drove a semi for 40years.) Everyone in my father’s and grandfather’s family were hard of hearing and wore hearing aids for many years. I’m 77 and have worn hearing aids since I was 17.


Firing loud canons in the military (I was in artillery),

Playing lead guitar in a bad, loud garage band.

Attending too many loud hard rock concerts.

(There’s a “loud” pattern here :slight_smile: )


without any noticeable illness
at small age of school teacher complained i am not cooperating to other child in group teen age friend complained in playground i am not hearing their shouting and then nearby distance talk then phone and tv so on then increased … just formally diagnosed at 14 years… NO HISTRY OF FAMILY DEAFNESS


Sounds like you would have benefitted from routine hearing testing at school.