How can you stop getting the triple sound when listening to TV with open domes?

My friend has just got some Phonak Nathos Auto hearing aids from the NHS. Technology is equal to Phonak Bolero V70. She uses open domes.

I’ve given her my old Phonak ComPilot / TV Link II set up as I can’t use it.

She loves it but when she listens to the TV with her hearing husband, the volume of the TV and then getting the sound through the ComPilot is giving her like an odd triple sound. When she watches TV on her own, she turns the volume down on the TV to solve this issue.

I think it’s because she has open domes, her HA Mics are also on and then sound through the ComPilot so she’s getting like triple sound?

Is there away to solve it? If there is a way to solve it, she’ll make an appointment at the hospital to sort it out.

Hi zebras,
Knowing you I assume you’ve re-paired it with the new aids?
There are sound delay adjustments on most newer tv,s and sky box if she has one.
Just recently I started with double sound on compilot 1 and a reset cured this. It was not the usual delay but the compilot in front of the TV.
Good luck.

Maybe not what she wants, but can she change the mix from HA mics to more from the tv link? (I say maybe not what she wants, as this would make it harder to hear DH.)


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Yes, that’s what I also do sometimes:
with my Phonak P90s I can long press down to mute the mics while streaming.


I’ll tell ya from personal experience what worked for me - and it isn’t optimal! Your friend can have the TV streaming software tune out ALL else. Only an incoming phone call would override that, allowing your friend to answer the phone as normal.

But it’s THE END of any conversation with ANYONE else in the room when your aids are set up to turn OFF all other ambient sound. That means if anyone has a question, you have to take the aids out of streaming to hear them.

Initially, I thought it’d be cool to have my aids stream to the TV and have some ambient sound coming in so if my hubs asked me something I’d be able to hear. Nope. Didn’t work. Cuz the volume of the TV would also be on and create a split-second delay so I’d get almost an echo effect to ALL the TV sound - VERY annoying!

I went back to my audi and had him turn OFF all ambient sound for my TV streaming. And that’s as good as it gets for us folks who have partners who don’t stream to TVs like we have to do.

I don’t experience any delay whatsoever with the phonak tv connector. If you are bt streaming from the tv, I can believe there’s a delay.


This is an interesting idea, but you’d have to get the sound source for the hearing aids before this delay is applied. So, delay to speakers, but not line out.

Well, I never considered this. I got custom molds around the same time as my TV streamer so I don’t get much outside leakage (my bad ear mold has zero vent) but can certainly understand how this would create an odd sound field.
I also would try to closely sync the streamer and TV to eliminate the echo effect, but with open domes it makes sense that this could become an issue for some.
I have noticed when streaming TV, some apps are out of sync while others are not, even some channels within the same app may not be in sync, but my streamer has a button on top for quick sync adjustments