How can we add a speech enhancer like feature to paradise P30

P90 models have an automatic speed enhancer for extra gain for soft speech sounds. Can we add a feature smilar to this via manuel programs in the app? İf so, How?

For information:

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Manual program with added gain in the 35 dB section?

Thanks your post is very helpful.

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@DaveL You are very welcome :+1:t2:

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Could be but How can we make this in the myphonak app?

I have P90’s and I’ve looked for this information. Thanks for asking the question!

I’ve worked with the programs in my hearing aids. When I started I didn’t understand that changing the Phonak programs manually made them manual programs.

The APP (myPhonak) allows me to change:

  • Equalizer Presets (Default, Comfort, Clarity) I have found Clarity to be helpful…
  • Noise Reduction (chosing High NR reduces background sounds)
  • Speech Focus (Wide to Narrow)
  • DYNAMIC (Increases soft sounds) and this is really helpful for me.

I simply want hearing aids that work, that I can turn on and forget. Changing the settings and then saving the program removed the smart quality of my hearing aids.

Do you have Dynamic and Equalizer Presets ? Try adjusting those. I found a youtube video where I could not understand the speaker well. Then I kept trying each setting until I noticed a difference.


Just ask your audiologist to add the program.

@DaveL You could ask your audiologist to make your custom changes part of the AutoSense:

Basically, your audiologist will replicate your tweaks on any program you’ve saved into the AutoSense main program example above :point_up_2:t2:

@Zebras Not sure where is the 35dB section?

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Thanks. Very helpful.

I’ve got another appointment scheduled.

(I got off on the wrong foot when I got them. We’ve recovered from that point. My audiologist is very helpful. The last appointment–almost 2 months ago he did adjust my auto program. That has helped me with word recognition. However, I’ve found that after a day’s work I’m exhausted. Adjusting volume one notch or two seems to help. I’m less tired when I do that.)

Finally, I come from an age group where you turned volume up to hear and understand. I need to know what other settings help with word recognition. Dynamic? Clarity? others?


@DaveL Not really sure, but if you could pencil a list of things you aren’t comfortable with or struggling with, then work with your audiologist to get them to an acceptable level, aftercare is part of the price you’ve paid for the hearing aids.

There is an Automatic fine tuning section, where your audiologist can try to resolve some of your queries, but he might be able to do a better job on different section:
Example below :point_down:t2:, you select the type of problem, then select the issue you are struggling with, then select fix, this is a Phonak help system to common problems, but your audiologist will be able to do a better job :crossed_fingers:t2:.

Good luck

Note: I believe you are using Phonak Audeo Paradise P90, the poster above has got a Phonak Naida Paradise P30, they are quiet different.
You could try the link below :point_down:t2: for more information about your Audeo specifications:


Thanks. Yes Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R hearing aids.


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Wonder if it’s been taken away in the Paradise. Seems odd unless it’s changed it’s place in the software. It’s been there since I started using Target in 2011.


Thanks. That’s what I’m looking for.
Overall I’m happy with my P30 choice instead of P70 or P90. I have poor speech perception and extra feautures in the P70 - P90 series would be of no help to me. I hate windblock and soundrelax features which I had in the old sky V70 aids. Advanced noise reduction features don’t work for me. The only thing I may miss is echancing very soft sounds but I can switch to a manuel program when necessary.

@Zebras See below :point_down:t2::

This TK/Gain setting explains why I can’t hear very soft sounds with my hearing aids. I noticed this when I tested my hearing with hearing aids via some applications. Hearing aids just dont amplify very soft sounds to avoid additional noise and circuit noise

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