How can I use the microphone on my iPhone with Phonak Marvel 90?

Hi all ,
So I am still using my Marvel 90 , again I am being led to have to switch to speaking to others through the iPhone 8 plus so they can hear me … however this is why I needed these H/Aids mouse loss is a step from profound H / loss and if my anxiety is high I really feel deaf , are there any improvements our new downloads available to help with this issue, yet?

Also is there a solution to this option were I am able to use the Bluetooth for me to hear and to hold my iPhone 8 plus to speak into for others … any input would be great… don’t get me wrong I do appreciate the HAids and at the same time hope for a Bluetooth experience that works for me and others …

Thanks so much , Shanie

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You have a difficult loss for the Marvel phone function. One of the things that Phonak didn’t alert providers to from the beginning is that the audio that goes out to the other person is filtered by the hearing aid’s feedback manager. So if your feedback manager is cutting the high frequency gain dramatically to control feedback, the person on the other end isn’t going to hear you clearly. This is less of a problem for someone with more moderate high frequency hearing loss who is at a lesser risk of feedback, or for someone with more hearing loss in the low frequencies that allows them to tolerate a more occluding dome/tip (which again improves feedback issues).

You can potentially improve the experience of the person on the other end by getting custom tips made to help manage the feedback, and then setting the phone ear to whichever one has a better feedback measure. If this isn’t enough, you might consider moving to a different hearing aid which allows you to stream from your phone while using either the phone mic or a secondary device to send the audio back out. If you’re really loving the Marvel, that might be a sad move for you, but if you didn’t end up liking other current generation hearing aids with direct iphone streaming you could always take a step back to the Phonak Belong line and use an intermediary device.

Now that I’m typing and thinking and drinking coffee, you could also look into whether you could pick up a Roger Select and then route the call through the Select instead of through the hearing aid, allowing you to use the Select as the mic. This was a pre-Marvel option that I haven’t done yet with the Marvel since it just connects directly, so I don’t know whether some change in the Marvel broke that feature or not.


Thank you for the input I just purchased these marvels about six months ago so I don’t think they’ll take them back and back I still owe $2500 on them but I will try what you mentioned with the Roger app because I think that would be Helpful because my husband said the same thing the little microphone isn’t that great on these the only thing I could think is to try to sell them or talk more with my audiologist see if they’ll take them back you never know unless you ask

Sorry, I meant the Roger Select. It’s not an app, it’s a rather expensive secondary microphone.