How Can I turn it OFF?

I got my first hearing aids yesterday from the VA. They are ITE Starkey Destiny 1200’s with directional microphones, automated telephone setting, multi-environment button. I can hear extremely well with them.

My problem seems bizarre: I cannot turn them OFF except by opening the battery compartment.:confused: I doubt that this can be the EXPECTED way to turn them off before hitting the sack and putting them in a drawer. They seem so fragile in that opened state. (I had a neighbor with Parkinson’s who had the habit of snapping off the battery holder hinge every time he opened his…think $$$$$.)

Can anyone help me? It is from the VA and my next appointment is a MONTH from now and in any case nobody will be there over the weekend.

Is it POSSIBLE that the teeny button that chooses the “environment”: home, noisy, etc. SHOULD have been given a setting of OFF when it was programmed by the audiologist?

Any opinions appreciated. Do YOU have a model that has no turnoff switch? (there’s no volume control either…automatic means AUTOMATIC in this model:D )

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know anything about any hearing aids other than my Rexton’s, but to turn mine off, I just hold down the “environment” button for about 2-3 seconds and the aides switch off.

Thank you very much Mike.

I’ll try that and report back later…after gym: steam, sauna, swim, shower. I guess hearing aids had best avoid that particular environment! :smiley:

(The little things make me nervous because they look so FRAGILE, especially with the batteries hanging out, and are so hideously EXPENSIVE! I suppose I’ll eventually take them for granted.)

Thanks again.


Tried to hold the “environment” button down for 2 seconds then 5 seconds…no effect. Seems only choices are between 1 (quiet) and 2 (noisy.)

Do you think the audiologist made an error and should have PROGRAMMED an OFF function into that button? It seems the most logical way to do it…but my experience with hearing aids is nil.

There are no other functioning parts except that button and the battery pull tab.

most hearing aids do not have a off buttom
generally the only way to turn them off is to open the batery drawer
this forces the client to open the batery drawer which is a good thing…
But the program buttom can generally be program with the mute…
I generally do not program this option until the client is fully familiar with the aid…
So perhaps your audi has done the same…
Now Im not aware that your aid might have that…

Alternative if you dont have a mute option, your audi can set up a program with almost no gain

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Generally manufacturers require the battery door to be opened to turn off the aid to allow the aid to dry out.

Okay then,

If opening the door to turn it off is the way it is expected to work, then that’s the way I’ll turn it off.

THanks guys.

My biggest fear is that the two units came with a very nice compression type box, like a watch might come in, that squeezes the units between bottom and lid so they don’t flop around. I KNOW that the compression on a levered opened battery housing is risky…I guess I’ll just have to fashion some sort of small pillowy thing to gently cover and cradle them while I sleep.

I imagine people who are MADE of money can just leave them ON all the time but that seems wasteful to me. And it offends my sense of order that a unit that is so delicately crafted, very expensive, and precision tuned by computer could only be turned off by pulling out the batteries…even $.99 flashlights have on and off switches. Imagine having to turn off your car by disconnecting a battery cable.:eek:

I agree with you. That is one of the features of my aides that I really like. I don’t like opening the battery compartment. It just seems like an accident waiting to happen. It is also convenient when in really noisy environments to just easily turn the aides off.

I remember a while ago when I started to deal oticon
they had an aid call Personic.
Personic had a on off switch but the aid will break down real really easy.
When Oticon replace it for the swift line with a buttom, the switch problem was never really an issue. I would have to believe this was more or less what happend across the industry


Hi again,

I called STARKEY this morning and spoke to Customer Service. Yep, the only way to turn the DESTINY 1200 off is to pull the battery case open.

Let me tell you, this unit is AMAZING so far. Automated Telephone mode switch activated by the magnet in the phone…two microphones for ambient hearing in a quiet area, directional hearing in a noisy environment controlled by a single pushbutton, audio signalling for weakening battery. At the first sign of feedback putting it in or turning it off, it shouts down for a couple seconds…so that people around you in a theater don;t start throwing FRUIT!

It has everything but also costs everything. But so far I recommend it for anyone getting it with some kind of price break, especially FREE. And so far it is very comfortable, no pressure points. Fingers crossed.

Bobb, Good luck with them. I’m supposed to pick my 1600’s up some time this week or early next week. Hopefully I’ll be as happy with them as you are. Howie