How Can I Pair Surflink Media to my HAs by Myself

I just bought a used Surflink Media from eBay and was hoping I could sync/pair these to my HAs myself. Can’t find anything online. Anybody know how to do this?


There’s no pairing involved because the SurfLink Media operates in broadcast mode; all compatible hearing aids within receiving distance will get the signal. But your audi needs to enable media streaming in the hearing aids to activate the audio.

Rasmus_braun, thanks for the quick response.

I used a Surflink Mobile with my hearing aids up until it broke a few weeks ago, is that the same thing?


The SurfLink Mobile is different. It does need to be paired with your hearing aids, but this is something you can do yourself. Since you were previously using a SurfLink Mobile, your hearing aids are already enabled for it and you won’t need to visit your audi again.

There is a guy selling cables on eBay that lets you stream and charge the Surflink Mobile at the same time, so you might be able to get by with that. The details escape me at the moment, but I recall it was something I was looking into doing. The seller can probably advise.

My audi squeezed me in just before lunch today. She is a good one. She had to check two boxes in the software she uses to set up my HAs. One box to allow it to communicate with a Surflink Media and another was a choice between auto sync and manual.

I screwed up, though. I had her set the Surflink Media to connect manually, not realizing there is no manual switch on the Media. I have to use a Surflink Remote or a Surflink Mobile(!) to control the Media.

I’ll go back next week to set the Media to auto sync and use the on/off button.

Brant, I’m the guy that sells the Charge and Stream cables. Unfortunately the problem with my Mobile isn’t with the power or charging.

Thank you rasmus_braun for pointing me in the proper direction.