How can I bluetooth connect my phonak iCom to my iMac?

I have been able to get it connected to my iPhone 3Gs,

But so far I have not been able to figure out how to use it as a head set with my iMac with OS 10.4.11

I did get the blue tooth to recognise it, but I have not successfully had it work to use my hearing aids as a wireless headset yet.

If anyone can give me step by step instructions to guide me through this, I would really appreciate it.


hi mfreg, I want to connect my pc to the icom through bluetooth too but I can’t. I paired it with my iphone 3g. I have a Toshiba satellite A105 S4334 I run the radar but can’t find the icom and I am not sure if my laptop has internal adapter. for you, just try to press with a pen the button on left in back of the icom and make sure the blue light is steady, if that doest work press the reset button on the icom or unpair from the iphone.
I am trailing the icom and the exelia art full shel power. also, the phonak representative made some changes to the t-tecoil to work with the iphone, she said when i press the program button in a call i should be able to hear the call in both ears but I can’t. my question is does 3gs works with the tecoil.
sorry for being too long message.

If your mac is paired with any other BT device make sure they are off.
Make sure you have iMac BT set to discoverable.
Turn on your iCom or BT neckloop.
Select ‘use headset’ (which will be the iCom) in drop down menu pane.

I have OS 10.5.8
Have a BT induction neckloop
I just did this but could not get it to work right away.
I set up my BT device again and it now works.
Dont know why this happens

The iPhone has to discover and re pair to my BT neckloop if i do a reboot or hard reset on the iPhone

Hope this helps

I have an iMac with OS 10.6.2 - and an iCom with my Phonak Versatas.

I listen to iTunes from my iMac with the iCom. Here are my steps:

  1. Push the iCom “pairing” button with a ball point pen
  2. Click the Bluetooth button at the top of the iMac screen
  3. Set up the iCom and pair with it
  4. Go to system preferences on the iMac (under the Apple) and choose “sound”
  5. Select the iCom as the headphone choice for sound output

The iMac volume control will work to set the iCom volume - but there will be a second delay due to the Bluetooth buffering delay.

Call Phonak: You can find their number here:

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Make sure all of your bluetooth devices that are already paired with the I-Com are turned off. The I-Com prioritizes its connections with the cell phone having the highest.