Hoping Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx will help my tinnitus

after lots of researching I am going to try a set of signia pure charge and go r7nx —I am hoping they will help the most with my tinnitus

Have you worn aids before? I ask because lots of aids have tinnitus features.
I also ask because most people do not get relief from tinnitus based on using aids.

Good luck with that.

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I wear Oticon OPN1 ITE aids with tinnitus relief, they work good for me. I can even listen to podcasts at the same time as using the tinnitus relief

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I have starkey halos–trying signia because they have another thing called notch therapy along with the masking backround noise treatment–signia is only one that has it

I am hoping these help also—my tinnitus is pretty loud and 24/7

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Mine is 24/7/365 and has been since 1975. It is always there but normally not that bad while wearing my aids

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Do your Starkey aids have tinnitus features? Do they help with your tinnitus?
I have read a little about that notch therapy.

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I haven’t worn the halos in over a year–the wife and I cant agree on how one got on the floor and new pup chewed it up–tinnitus was a bit better when wearing halos but the audiologist really didn’t address it much 4 years ago —I don’t know if they had masking noise in them—hoping these help–I will post after I give them some time

I believe those have notch therapy which is effective for some. Not sure of your loss, but if you have severe-profound high frequency loss and wanted to use frequency lowering, you can’t have both at the same time. I’m guessing you’d need to bug your audiologist to tinker with either of these settings.

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I got a call from audiologist thurs afternoon – signia charge and go like I need will be at least a month to get—always something

Can you please provide an update on your signia notch therapy?
I am planning to take it for my tinnitus. This will really help.

I picked up the signias about 3 in the afternoon–while watching tv later same day the left ear aid quit working and restarted 3 times by 8 p.m. they were fully charged at pickup–I put them both on charger overnight and both worked for about a hour the next morn–left one quit–I called the office where I got them and said I have no faith in a hearing aid that craps out the first day–took them back and ordered starkey livios so I cant give a report on notch therapy–sorry…
starkeys aren’t hear yet