Hooking up Resound tv streamer 2 to zone 2 on AV reviever

I am looking at getting a new AV receiver that will allow me to use my tv streamer with all of my components running through my AV receiver. So the question I have is can I use the Zone 2 out put on a Denon receiver to listen to all of the sources running through my Receiver. If so how do I hook it up?

Any input would be appreciated

Is the zone 2 output HDMI? If so you can use a converter to convert from HDMI to Toslink and connect to the Toslink connector of the TV Transmitter 2. If the zone 2 connection is red and white you can just connect directly to the Transmitter.

Make sure you read the manual and are familiar with any limitations of zone 2 and know how it works when you change sources.