Honest and ethical provider in my local area


The past two providers in my area proved to be dishonest and unethical. It was an expensive lesson I do not want to occur again.

Although my present aids provide good hearing, I now require aids that have bluetooth in order for me to better hear phone calls on my smartphone.

Suggestions naming honest and ethical providers in my area ((Sun City West, AZ) will be sincerely appreciated



Use this search for providers to see who is there.

Most of us here are from all over the world, so having someone in your city see your messages if very small. Hearing Tracker provide many more services than just this forum (as helpful and invaluable as it truly is) you have full access to all of them. Good luck!

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I would recommend checking out some Costco’s. They are typically well equipped, provide good fitting service, and do not work on commission – so no high pressure sales.

Your sign on name suggests you may be a Navy vet? If so, doesn’t VA look after you? They seem to act like a hearing aid dispenser/fitter at probably an even better price.



Check out Hear USA that is who I used I am very impressed …I know each provider is different but great company



@twonavyvets, I don’t know him personally, but you might check out Dr Cliff Olson (Doctor of Audiology) in Anthem, AZ. You can look up his educational videos on YouTube; they’re very informative, and he seems very ethical. He’s also stated that he’s a Vet. Thank you for your service, and good luck.

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I thank each of you who have responded.

I appreciate your input.



Exceptional Hearing. Is amazing. She is located little east of the airport but I live in Festival and travel there for her service. She also participates with hearing care solutions
I also love the head guy at Costco by Arrowhead. He hooked me up with a better ENT. Was a sound engineer in the past. Just didn’t have Bi-CROS aids that I needed



My first audiologist and I didn’t see eye to eye, or ear to ear. I moved on because I felt that the fitting of the HA’s was poor. I am glad I did! I got another hearing test at a second audiologist at Chesapeake Hearing Center in Salisbury, MD and she recommended that I only get one aid in my left ear because my hearing in the right ear was fine. The first audiologist was trying to sell me an aid in an ear that didn’t need one. I now have an aid in the left ear (Marvel 90 13T) that has been fitted perfectly. I am a believer that the right audiologist is more important than the brand of hearing aid.



I would agree with you that the correct fitting is more important than the brand of hearing aid. That said, I can also see why a fitter would want to do both ears instead of one. You could use as much gain in your right ear as the left at higher frequencies. See below. The left would benefit from an M receiver and the S would do for the right. There are some features in these advanced hearing aids that only work when they are fitted to both ears. Whether or not the gain would be worth the cost is another issue. Costco makes that choice easy with their Kirkland Signature which is sold in pairs, but other brands sold individually per ear would be tougher to justify.



I agree with Sierra that you would benefit from two hearing aids based on the frequency chart. I wonder why the audiologist said you only need one HA.



I agree that I could have gotten some benefit of having an aid in the right ear for the higher frequencies but the additional cost made it hard to justify. I looked at the Kirkland Signature online because there is no Costco near us but like the features of the Phonak. My hearing in the right ear was such that I can understand speech fairly well without and aid. Funny thing is I can now hear high frequencies in my aided ear better than in my good ear and the sound is strange to my brain. Another benefit of having a good audiologist is that your hearing is checked yearly and your aid is adjusted but also if my hearing in the good ear goes down, I can get it aided then.



I loved them too! I gotta go back for an updated test soon and hopefully get into the hearing aid I’m nuts about :wink: