Holster for Phonak remote

I have a new system, of Phonak Smart. They work great and I love them and the remote. However, i would like to find a little belt holster or case for the remote. Any ideas? It’s the mypilot remote.

what about cell phone case

I’m pretty sure it comes with a case? I fit an audeo s smart 9 a few weeks ago, and the mypilot did come with a leather case/belt clip holster. None the less, check out this site, only $47 there. If that falls through, I’d imagine your dispenser could get you one in a heartbeat. hearing-loss-help-co.com

Go to Home Depot or a cell phone store, you can get a nice holster type at HD for under $10 or at a cell phone store you can get a leather one for under $25.

I’ve looked at probably 100 different cell phone cases, and most of them are too big, and , or require the remote to be removed from the case to be used.
The one made just for the mypilot lets you use the remote while it is in the case on your belt. Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy one for $47. A lot of money, but the remote is very helpful to have.

It comes with it’s own case/holster as part of the purchase price. $47 is taking the proverbial.

the remote certainly should have come with a case. Ask your Audio to get one F.O.C !

This must be a new development, because I haven’t seen a MyPilot with anything other than a flimsy vinyl pouch. The PilotOne remote on the other hand, comes with a very nice custom leather (like) case with a sturdy belt clip. Of course, the PilotOne is much fatter than the MyPilot and doesn’t have a LCD screen.