Hollow tubes vs wired speaker


If that was on your phone and could control left and right independently then that would be awesome. (for all phone sound output activities of course)
It would be even better if HA’s could be controlled similarly.


Really? In addition to the hearing aid programming that compensates for your specific hearing loss, or to replace the hearing aid programming that compensates for your specific hearing loss?


Ah. Indeed. Good to clarify. Always on the ball that pvc.
I (perhaps many people) will go some times without HA’s on. Using headphones from the phone listening to things it would be useful to adjust left and right equalizer to somewhat match ones audiogram.
I do that playing from my computer.

Edit: I re-read my previous post and yes i do mean in the HA’s. To have finer grained adjustment capability beyond just simple “tone” for odd situations. Then let it go back to the programmed settings.


But might it not sometimes be advantageous or useful to be able to tweak the settings for difficult environments? E.g., my bugaboo is restaurants with 100% hard surfaces. I.e., no carpets, no drapes, etc., to absorb sound. Only harshly reflective surfaces, like tile, formica, etc. I don’t have all the answers; just asking.


I’m no expert but I’m not sure equalization would help in that kind of environment.
My KS7’s have a simple tone adjustment that’s basically a gradation from bass to treble.
Do you only have the one restaurant available to you? :slight_smile:


You guys need to quit poking smot and watching purdy lights.





Medical marijuana has only recently arrived in MD. Maybe if my glaucoma worsens???


BTW, what does PVC stand for?

PolyVinyl Chloride

Permanent Virtual Circuit

Premature Ventricular Contraction

Pigment Volume Concentration

Passive Volume Control

Postal Verification Card

Pipe Very Crowded

Pressure Velocity Correction

Plasticized Vitreous Compound

Pedal Volume Control

Partial Volume Concentration

Primary Version Control

Porous Vent Coaxative

Partial Value Code

Personalised Ventilation Center

Previous Virtual Cell

Psychedelic Variable Consciousness

Primitives Volumes and Collections

Plastic and Very Cheap

Prime Venezuelan Calf

Pre-Vacuole Compartment

Passion, Vision, and Committment

Positive Verified Connect

Priority Versus Claim


I’m retired with not much to do; this would provide hours of amusement, if nothing else and keep me occupied and out of my wife’s hair.