So, I have a new audiogram (which explains why I have found my hearing aids less and less effective), but I have no one to help me reprogram my hearing aids. (My audiologist has since stopped practicing, plus I am in the middle of no where at school.) Since I am limited in time, resources, and money… do you think that if I went to a hearing aid distributor with a copy of my new a.gram, they could take care of it for me?
(not that I am entirely sure I could get to one of those, or that they would be equipped for my particular aid, etc)

(Getting them done makes me so anxious so I try to avoid getting them done whenever possible— which explains why I am stuck in this situation)

If you guys don’t think this would work, any creative suggestions?

(This is why I wish I had the proper cables to just finagle things a bit by myself.)

any hearing dealer who fits your HI, is able to input the new audiogram in the PC and reprogram the HI… Previous work can be seen on the HI and therefore, the audi can see what is there before he/she make any changes…

A good specialist should be able to save the current settings of your aids before he makes a change to them. So he can put your old program back if you don’t like the changes.

As for adjusting them yourself, it’s expensive. You’d need an adjuster box that plugs into your computer and they cost $400-$1,200. After that the cables and software should be free, but only if you can find a company willing to supply this to a consumer.

yuo need training to fit your own instruments…

I know… it is just wishful thinking