New to hearing aids… this week. I just got the Bernaform verite, left ear only, right era has had sudden and severe loss,see below and changes from day to day. It is a receiver in the ear with complete “block” ( double wall plastic do-hickey around the receiver)

My question is background HISS. Whenever I have the volume turned up to hear background noises, such as the musak in a store, it is accompanied by a loud high frequency woosh or hiss.

It’s like tinnitus in a can… I paid for this problem??

Now my ear is such that I have better lows than highs, so I expect high frequency noise from the left hearing aid. I also note it comes and goes depending on background. I can get rid of it in a car with windows up, but it comes right back if I turn the ventilating fan on… so it is, in part , response to the environment.

My question is this a common experience… or did I just buy a lemon aid.

      Frequency   250   500   1k   2k   4k   8k       Right   60   60   60   40   40   40       Left   35   25   50   60   70   75

The double-do-hickey sounds like a double dome, or power dome. It seals.

The problem should be easy for the audiologist to adjust out. It may take a few adjustments to get everything just right. It could be that the aid is picking up environmental sounds that were always there but you couldn’t hear it, like air movement, machine hum, and the like. I had a lot of that when mine were brand new and the audiologist turned down the background noises and it went away. But it could be something else.

You only got one hearing aid? You could really benefit from two. Two are much better than one.

By sudden do you mean you didn’t have any loss in that ear and then one day you did? If so, that needs to have an ENT check it out, quickly.

But it could be something else.

I would suspect that you have too much gain for soft or very soft sounds at a ‘good’ place in your hearing.

This will most likely be around 500Hz - 1000Hz for your left ear.

This will result in circuit noise (quantisation noise or microphone amplifier transistor noise) being too obvious to you.

Try cutting Very Soft gain at around 750Hz for the left ear.

Since hiss is “white noise” how do the fixes suggested (which I believe) work to solve the problem?

Since hiss is “white noise” how do the fixes suggested (which I believe) work to solve the problem?

Thank you for your support.

Band limited hiss still sounds like hiss.

  1. Yes… the double dohickey is a double dome

  2. Yes… I’m under care of an ENT for the right ear… oral steroids worked, for a while, then stopped. Scheduled for and MRI to rule out tumor, and then for a steroid injection into the middle ear… until that’s over with and I know the right will not recover, I’ll stick with one ear


It does sound like noise from a bad amp… I’ll ask the audiologist to give it a try. But… I don’t know if there is anything so simple as ‘adjust the gain for soft sounds in the 750 Hz band’

The gain strategies in these digital devices are complicated. Bernaforn does sound leveling on a phoneme level to increase intelligibility

from the bernaform doc TiA_Automatic_program_in_Move_UK.pdf

“Bernafon’s exclusive ChannelFree™ signal processing operates on the level of phonemes, analyzing the input signal and adjusting the gain 20,000 times per second. This speed allows ChannelFree™ to process each phoneme, i.e. the smallest components of speech, separately and accurately – a property that is decisive for speech understanding.”