High frequency loss - borderline

I’ve been having problems with music, can’t hear the cymbals, and jazz is my passion. So I got tested and learned that my hearing is normal up to about 4 khz, and then it drops off in a ski-slope pattern to -60 at 8 khz. Both ears are pretty much the same. I remember when I was in my 20s being at a sound studio and having the engineer run an audio oscillator up to 18 khz before I couldn’t hear, so this is quite a loss to me, even though it’s minimal to most people. I have no problems with speech, a few problems with movies and TV.

Anyway, I’m trying a pair of Siemens Life 700 BTE aids, which are very expensive. They take me up to 8 Khz quite nicely, but supposedly they can simulate sounds up to 10 or 11 khz. I really don’t know if this is true or not, but basically the difference with my hearing with and without the aids is the difference between AM and FM radio. Music definitely sounds brighter with the aids.

Is this the best there is? Can I get something this good for less? I have had these for about two weeks now and can return them at any time within a two month period, so before I commit to a five thousand dollar investment, I thought I’d ask what you folks think.

Thanks so much,

Can you post your audiogram? There are many here that can comment on your situation based on what they see…


Both of my ears are basically the same, so I’ll just give you one:
250 20
500 20
1000 20
2000 20
3000 15
4000 30
8000 60

So you see, it’s not that bad a loss, just annoying. Thanks,

Many manufacturers can do high frequency now and most better that the simulation Siemens uses. You should consider Oticon Dual W, or WIdex mind 330. If up to 8Khz is ok you could also try Phonak Audeo Yes and Smart III which is probably the least expensive for high frequencies or ven Vigo Pro.