High Frequency Hearing Loss not helped much

I have spent several thousands trying different hearing aids, for my severe high frequency hearing loss. I can’t hear well beyond 1000 Hz? (I’m not sure what the frequency designation is), but the whole thing of 3 hearing aids with bad feedback problems, using now a BTE Unitronic Indigo the first week with only poor results when I encounter people who talk very low, have hoarseness, or high pitched voiced or WHISPER to me is hopeless. This new Indigo has been selected by a very good Otometrist who specializes in the physics of sound, and has told me a BTE is the very best aid, and a good quality brand, Like the Indigo or the Phonak Eleva are the two best for dealing with my severe high frequency loss. But I still can’t hear low talking, whispering in a movie sound track, or somebody whispering to me personally, a hoarse voice, and the constant lowering of voice on a movie or TV drive me nuts. I just cannot hear these things, and am becoming more withdrawn. The bad feedback has been nearly eliminated, and that’s a nice improvement, but the only sound I hear well are strong voiced people with clear enunciation or clarity of speaking. Otherwise I’m sunk. I’m getting very discouraged, and am beginning to think I’m just too deaf to be helped. I hate to spend over 5000 on another set of hearing aids, and may have to turn this set back in. This is supposed to be the best, and yet I can’t hear well. I might as well live in seclusion and avoid people as much as I can. Any thoughts? This Otometrist is the best specialist I’ve seen yet, and I’m losing hope. Goliad

Have you tried the Unitron Moxi pro with a Receiver in the canal (RIC)? This can add a boost to your high frequncies and still look stylish.

What does your Hearing Loss look like? Do you have the audiogram?

If your Hearing Aids are less than 30 days old, Federal Law provides you with the right to return them for a full refund (less consulting fees).

I too have high frequency loss (moderate to severe). Just last week I purchased a pair of Beltone Edge 2 OTE at a very reasonable price. They are functioning perfectly!

You may want to take a look at my recent post entitled “New Hearing Aid Buying Experience”. During my search I tried Oticon Deltas, Oticon Epoch, Audibel Virtue, the Beltone One and Beltone Edge 2.

Goliad, I encourage you to seek a second opinion and if possible try out a pair of Beltones. Here is a link to their web site - “http://www.beltone.com/welcome/” .

Good Luck and God Bless,

PS. Please keep me posted.

I’m having hell gettin back online with this site. So I guess I’ll have to quit. Thanks for your suggestions, but I can’t handle this constant log on problem.

dear goliad
it is time perhaps to think about an FM solution. Maybe you should consider this… talk to your audi


Ok, I’ll try this again. Thanks for the suggestions. I mentioned this to my latest hearing specialist, called an Otometrist. He evaluated me with the most extensive testing ever over the past month, and his absolute conclusion was that I HAD such loss, that no medium price hearing aid could handle the power requirements. ( my words, not his. I’m not very familiar with audiology terminology nor sound of physics), but this guy was far superior to any audiologist or Certified Dealer of the 6 I went to over the past 4 years.
It’s been a nightmare of the following big problems I seem to have:
1. I HATE anything stuck in my friggin ears!! The sound is horrible, and the discomfort with my many family illness problems make it impossible for me to adjust to much of anything. The BTE with the small hearing “bud” or tulip was super in that they did NOT occlude my ear. So the man went with one of the two best and ONLY hearing aids that would best solve my problems with significant feedback on occlusion, very nerve-wracking feeling of “stuffed ears”, and going back to feeling like I’m hearing “in the bottom of a deep well!” I hate that, and cannot tolerate it.
2. The hearing aid best to use he said was the Unitronic Indigo Power Aid, rather than the Moxi. The Moxi he said has problems with the internal speaker inside getting clogged up, and requiring constant cleaning ( I think) and requiring replacement internal speakers with some frequency, like every two years. A really good aid he said should last with minor adjustments for some 7-8 years. But this one just is too horrible after he said I would of necessity NEED molds and more close-fitting occluding aids with vents. The vents are absolutely the necessity to prevent the bad feelings I have with any former totally occluding aids. So this was a step backwards. Do you understand what I mean? I can’t go on another month like this, and this guy will be a pain to keep after me for the $5400 and working with this aid. So I told my wife to keep the peace, to take the aids back and I’m done with it. I cannot adjust to any hearing aids within 4 weeks, then lose all that money. I’ve already lost thousands with current dealers.
I had the half-shell Phonak 4 years ago, which was a disaster with little options for improvment. Cost $2700. Next within another year or so, I reluctantly tried a big huge advertising audiologist who pushes NO hearing aid but the “best”,which is her big partner,STARKEY! Well, Starkeys are NOT the best for everybody, and I got stung for 4500 on those. After only 6 weeks, I had to take the Starkey back, and only got 3500 back. So the woman made a nice $1000 in 6 weeks. I swore never to pay up front again.
Next I tried a Hearing Aid Licensed Dispenser with another long term dealer in town pushing the Phonak Savia. But he said due to my costs, and need for more limited costs, he felt he could take care of my needs with an Audina Sparo. Cost: 2800. Guess what? " Not powerful enough". So he powered them up to what was a God-awful feedback ring that was deafening. He adjusted it, then said I needed a mold and a Starkey. WEll, to hell with that!
Now maybe you can understand why I’m too fed up to deal with nor trust any hearing aid people anymore?

this is why I never say i sell I only sell the best because what is best is very subjective and some companies have strong products in one segment and not so strong in others,
It is perhaps well know in the audi community that Phonak has the best FM and Power products, and perhaps other companies might have the best open fit products, but the differences among the products out there have been fadding tremendously…
One thing I have always critice starkey is that they do not have
all the tecnical specs posted in their website such as Widex. oticon Phonak, and siemens…

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