High frequencies hearing loss

I am a 28 years old musician… I have good relative pitch. I can identify/sing any note correctly after giving me a note reference. I dont have any hearing problem and I dont have any health problems (probably some stress sometimes but i think thats normal) Recently I have made a hearing test and this was the result :


As you can see I have some poor hearing on high frequencies however my hearing below 2khz is perfect.

The highest frequency i can hear with a pure sine-wave at loud volume is 14.4khz, i could hear absolutely nothing after that.

PS :

*all tests were done with proper equipments and calibration.

*I dont have access to audiologist where i live.

What I am worried about is that most healthy people at my age can hear up to 16 and 17khz. And me only 14.4khz at full volume… I don’t know if my hearing range was the same before or this just happened to me now because this is my first time taking the test. What you guys think of this ? Is it common ? can I lose more hearing and be deaf eventually ? what do you think about the test result in the picture ?

also I started experiencing tinnitus recently (maybe because I been hearing this high pitched sine wave in headphones at loud volume) but it is nothing serious I can ignore it, and I don’t hear it when it is busy arround me. Thank you!

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I don’t think there is any benefit to you worrying about this. Per your self administered test, you have essentially normal hearing. It is likely that your high frequency hearing will deteriorate as you age (everybody’s does). Advice: Don’t listen to loud sounds, especially self inflicted ones. Wear ear protection when you can’t avoid loud noises. If you can’t let this go, seek medical assistance.


I’m sorry, ezzeddinemohamed, there’s nothing quite as nerve wracking as being a musician and noting problems with your hearing. Thankfully, although your loss is measurable, it’s not world changing. I concur with MDB, the best thing you can do for yourself is to protect what you have left. Get some good fitting ear plugs and wear them whenever you’re exposed to loud noises. Also - high volume sine waves directly into your ear is never a good idea. :frowning:

Even at 14.4khz you’re still able to hear the B8 fundamental on a piano, and darn near its first harmonic. That’s exceptional! If you take care of your ears and protect them you’ll have a long and happy career in music.

Take care of yourself and your ears. :slight_smile:

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