Hidden LED in Oticon Dynamo 8?

I have a pair of two new Oticon Dynamo 8. When I switched them staying in darkness, both hearing aids glow with red light from inside. I see this LED on Sensei SP, but I have Dynamo 8. How to switch off this LED?

Why bother if it is only visible in the dark. A weak led like that will draw very little current.

No, this led is not too weak - it glows through thick plastic casing with layer of paint.

If you follow him down the sidewalk at night he probably looks like a first responder vehicle and everyone will want to stay back 500 feet.

That’s why you need to get it fixed, right? :wink:

J/K; It would bug me too if I had red led lights on the back of my head. But I don’t know how to turn them off.

But a golden glow would be impressive, PVC. I agree a red glow would be devilish.

It is still a Led that will have minimal impact. You might check with the manufacturer on its reason, @lostdeaf.

Cool! I want some! Better if I could get it to blink, especially with my white hair covering it. Yea, bionic man here we come. Tell the grandkids I’m an android. . .

Hmmmmm; I never thought of it that way. Maybe we could invent a battery door replacement that has an add-on blinking led. I would want mine to be the bright blue led. Ppl would look at the back of you head and think, Whoa dude!! What kind of communications electronics are you using? And two of them no less! :sunglasses: