Hidden Hearing Loss

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This is an web article about Hidden Hearing Loss - the type of ~selective loss of signal in noise discrimination that Abram refers to his his posted paper. The interesting thing is the linked sound file. It plays better directly from soundcloud.com (the second link)

The sound file basically tests your ability (or your HA’s!) to factor out the repetitive droning noise. I can hear the words with my Quattro’s up to about the last two, then some on the words in the second to last utterance, but nada, I think, for the very last. Actually, if I turn up the volume on my computer, I can hear the very last clearly enough to make out the words.


How much do you use your app (mainly aimed at Resound and Widex users)

With my aids I wasn’t able to hear the last, but did fairly well with all the rest. But my hearing loss is in the speech frequency range



That is a very similar test to one of the ones I just had at Costco. Without aids I could hear all but the last two. Does that mean I should cancel my HA order?



From your audiogram you do need the aids, now how well they work for you will depend on you and how will the fitter fitted them to your needs. You must be patient and give yourself the needed time to adjust to new sounds and new levels of the sounds.



@Sierra If you look up Speech Banana in Wikipedia you will see why you need HA’s. For me, just discovering the speech banana convinced me that, Yep!, I need HA’s. An ENT person who tested me 9 years ago and pointed out my hearing loss mentioned high frequency loss but I don’t remember any specific discussion about its importance to human speech and specific consonant recognition, etc. And I could still hear just about everyone but my wife very well - and “her” problem was that she “mumbled.” So now I am wiser and very glad that I finally got HA’s as I should have years ago. (and if you have a cat, you’ll discover a whole panoply of meows that you probably weren’t enjoying to full extent before!).

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I hear you, but I would rather fit my wife with an anti mumbling device :wink:

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The other thing about an HA prescription is the provider can’t recommend that you get them unless it’s deemed “medically necessary” (if that’s the right term). I think it also says something to that effect in the insurance clause for BCBS-TX on HA coverage for me. So I finally got the point because of difficulty hearing in noisy restaurants, etc., where I really wanted HA’s and was worried I wouldn’t qualify - but the audi who tested me announced with a big smile, that, yes, she could certainly prescribe them for me. So you wouldn’t be getting HA’s if a provider hadn’t determined straight up that you need them, if they play by the book.



Yowie. I had to increase the volume on my laptop to catch the 4th & 3rd to the last, but beyond that, the last 2? I could not hear ONE thing really - just a mush of noise. Was it my imagination or did the speech volume DECREASE about 5 stops from the end? Granted, the ambient noise increased, but it seemed that the speech got softer, too.

Or, maybe that’s just ME and my wooden ears?