Hidden Hearing Loss from ototoxicity?

Hi, I’m new, I am going to copy paste a thread I made on Reddit about my situation, hopefully I may some answers/clues on here.

've had a hearing loss ever since I took an ototoxic substance in December. My audiogram the preceding week came back fine. Because of this my ENT basically discarded my case and didn’t seem to take it seriously or diagnose or prescribe anything. The only conclusion I found online is hidden hearing loss… Now, is this something that can be treated with hearing aids? I read from one other thread that they aren’t as helpful for HHL but there’s not much other info available. I don’t know what to do other than hope and pray that OTO-413 is successful.

To add to this, after I published this thread I scheduled a more in depth free hearing evaluation with Miracle Ear on the 6th, hopefully I’ll get some kind of useful feedback.

Thank you for reading