Hidden Hearing Aid

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being “I can’t live without it”, and 1 being “who the heck cares,” how important is hiding your hearing aid? What features do you find even more important than that?

I would prefer people noticed my hearing aids and realized they needed to speak clearly…not fast and not in a low voice.


I’d give it “1” Features that are more important are ones that solve the problem with your hearing that you most want solved. For me: 1) ability to understand my soft spoken daughter, which likely any hearing aid would do and 2) ability to hear high pitched bird songs, which requires some sort of frequency lowering for my loss


I wear big BTE hearing aids and colorful ear molds. Rarely does anyone notice my hearing aids.

Altho once when I had blue ear molds, a customer at work asked why I had blue tac in my ears?!

I’m happy with people noticing my hearing aids, if and when they do notice them!

  1. All features are more important than whether other people notice, but people don’t notice. I like a small ha for my benefit and if CIC had all the same features as a RIC, I would probably wear that.
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Mine are the Phonak Brio 3 RIC size 13… and as it is no one sees them sat behind my ear unless they are immediately behind me.The RIC wire isn’t even noticable however you can’t miss the custom fake flesh coloured half mould or little pull piece to remove it, Really for me compared to 30 years ago hearing aids seem tiny compared to my first set of analogue ones. It’s actually a none issue for me these days the RICs hide better than my oticon bte ever did :grin: so it’s a 1 on the scale for me. If you had asked me about 20 years ago it would have been a very big 5!

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member6 expressed my response exactly. If you’ll indulge me some cynicism: Maybe the reason HA manufacturers advertise “no one will know you are wearing it” (easy to accomplish with CIC, but a #1 issue IMO) so aggressively is because they’ve made only mediocre progress with speech-in-noise algorithms (apparently hard to accomplish, but a #5 issue IMO).


who the feck cares? I show my true colors :slight_smile:

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I’m a 1. It’s no different than someone wearing glasses in my opinion.


I don’t think it is a problem for people to know I wear HAs but at the same time I don’t want everyone I meet to focus on that either. I don’t use a streamer because they are not attractive and I do not want to have a conversation about it with every new person I meet. So I prefer somewhat discreet aids as long as they work very well. I have worn glasses all my life(since age 3 years) and I can assure you that they were not always as accepted as they are now. When HAs work as well perhaps all people will be happier with the prospect of being seen in them.

I would like purple ones though!

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Put me in the ‘1’ camp. People rarely notice I wear hearing aids unless I draw attention to them anyway. Hearing aid Features and the ability to understand my 3 year old grandson are what I consider a ‘5’.

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What an overwhelming amount of pride from everyone! It’s great that everyone places more importance on not missing crucial moments (like things said in meetings and hearing their grandchildren). It really helps to put things in perspective.

I really like how Overoaked mentioned the “speech-in-noise” algorithm. Crowded places and filtering voices is something we wish all hearing aids could do, making it a 5 on the scale.

2, they are small enough now, often in noisy areas i need to explain i have them on and still cannot understand them.

Who the heck cares. In the ten years I have had HA’s very, very few people have noticed them and of those that have noticed, they are either kids other HA wearers or those who are thinking of getting HA’s and they want to know who I go to and if they really help.

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I’m somewhat vain and admit I’d rather not let people know I need them. However, I tried Eargo and that didn’t work well for me, and then I went to Costco and did a walk-around with a audiologist-programmed CIC model. That was a lot better. Then I tried a walk-around with the Resound Forte 8 and it was a lot better than the CIC. I ordered the Resound.
I decided I just need to adjust my attitude and get the better sound. Wearing a HA is equivalent to wearing prescription eye glasses or readers.

I wear big bright silver Phoank Naida UP 675-fueled hearing aids with both bright blue Phonak Roger receivers & speckled full shell earmolds along with a Roger Pen on a lanyard (which connects to my iPhone); and at the just-wrapped American Academy of Audiology convention in Nashville, I had a small rubber chicken dangling from my right earmold tubing!

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Wearing your best leisure suit? :slight_smile:

I don’t really care who notices my aids. I have short close cropped hair and wear BTEs with clear, not coloured moulds.

I can’t hide my aids and wouldn’t want to if I could. If people notice them then good, they might then get the fact I can’t hear very well.

Well that sounds like a very safe place for it. If you can’t be accepted with decorated HAs at the American Academy of Audiology meeting then there would be no hope anywhere.:smile:

Actually, one unnamed EuroJerk refused to put on my Phonak Roger Pen for a Very Important Presentation, saying he was “Not Comfortable.”