Hi-Pro without Original Serial Cable

I plan to get the serial hi-pro, but it doesn’t comes with the original serial cable.
FYI, I been searching about this, but I haven’t found anyone confirming that the “StarTech.com USB to Serial RS232 Adapter - DB9 Serial DCE Adapter Cable with FTDI – Null Modem - USB 1.1 / 2.0 – Bus-Powered (ICUSB232FTN)” actually worked.
Have anyone found the serial to usb that works without the original serial cable?
Or other ways you have found to make it work without the original serial cable.

I have used the Belkin F5U109 for a long time. They are still available on eBay.

Yes, I seen the Belkin F5U109, but I believe you still need the serial cable (RS232C). Since the male to male won’t connect.
The one circle in red is the serial cable RS232C that comes with Hi-pro.
I’m getting hipro without the serial cable.
Did your Hipro came with the serial cable (RS232C)?

Don’t know how to explain this better.

Exactly what I thought! You answered my question. You gave me an idea. Thank you!
FYI, you have the serial cable which allow you to use the Belkin F5U109.

I have used this setup since 2009 for self programming.
Not exactly sure of what you are saying but this is not an idea, it has worked flawlessly for years.

Hopefully, someone have had a similar situation as mine and made it worked! :crossed_fingers:

Your question has been asked and answered many times over the years in this forum. A number of us use that setup or similar. If you have not bought a HiPro yet, have you looked at the USB or Mini Pro HiPro’s? I would recommend them over the serial HiPro for simplicity.

I would sell mine but still have back up aids that would need the HiPro and cables for fittings.

What aids will you be programming?

I have a few older HAs that are compatible with Hi-pro.
Yeah, I thought about that getting a usb or mini pro. But I found serial hipro half the cost compare to the usb/mini pro. I don’t have to invest to much on the hipro becuase I know when I get new HAs they won’t be compatible with hipro.
I don’t mind getting the serial hipro as long as I can get it to work for the time being.

There are still modern aids using the HiPro. Don’t count the HiPro out yet.
I have had Phonak aids from the beginning. That serial HiPro programmed all of them except my newest Marvel rechargeable aids. Even now some of the Phonak Marvel aids can be programmed with the HiPro.

Thanks for sharing that info. I’m still look and even the usb hi pro. It might be a good investment.