Hi-Pro (serial) connected to Target 5.3

I ran into a spot of trouble with my Hi-Pro and Target 7.0 on a new windows 10 system. Oddly enough, the Phonak Hi-Pro configuration utility worked and was able to find the firmware version of my Hi-Pro. However, Target didn’t want to connect. The check failed. And I couldn’t connect to my hearing aids. Even after restarting both Windows and unplugging the power from the Hi-Pro it didn’t work.

So I downgraded to 5.3 and saw that indeed they had a different configuration utility for the Hi-Pro and the Hi-Pro 2. After configuring checked out, the Target check still failed. So I got irritated and again tried to connect the aids: And they work. After this even the check works.

So does anyone recognize this? Had the same problem? Anyone any idea what changed to make it work?

When I moved from my old laptop with Windows 7 to a new desktop that I loaded Windows 10 on my serial port HiPro didn’t want to connect either. Everything looked right but wouldn’t connect.
I ended up doing updates that eventually fixed the HiPro connection issue. Seems it was about 2-3 hours and Windows came up with the update.

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After the check passed, Target did mention a driver version: