HF returned

Last year was not a good one for me. Apart from Covid 19, I lost some HF hearing around February, and at about every two months interval, I seemed to lose more, until these Nathos UP auto, ran out of HF gain.

I have always had distorted hearing, and that became worse.

I had dry skin around the ear canal, but not in it. This made the ear very sore, and some days I could not wear the aids. I tried several skin creams without success. I am now using Sudocrem, which seems to have solved the problem.

I also suffer with a lot of ear wax. My ears are like a wax factory, and can make volumes of wax every other day.

I have tried many kinds of wax removal tools, and all are useless, except the Medi Grade Earwash, which appears to flush it out, although I never seem to see the wax.

One that dos work well, is the cotton bud, which removes lumps of it, at the risk of pushing wax onto the eardrum.

A few days ago, I put my right aid in, and no sound. A build up of wax blocked the tube, so I gave both ears a wash out. I was totally surprised at the result, as the lost HF returned, and I had to reduce the HF gain by about six DB to hear comfortably again.

I cannot believe that wax had been on my ear drum for the last year, during which time I have used Bicarb quite a few times. I thought if you lost HF, it is gone forever. So I do not understand what has happened, but I am very glad it has.

Any comments welcome.

There was this thread not long ago asking if wax could cause HF loss. A lot of people said it wouldn’t. Glad it’s given you more hearing tho.

EDIT - Dirt/wax induced high frequency hearing loss?

Dear Zebra(s)

Thank you for linking my thread. I should have posted a followup.

Hi john,
I know it’s not appropriate at the moment but do you know about micro suction?
Having had numerous infections the doctors sent me to the hospital and they vacuum it out. Never had a an infection since. I do use earplugs in the shower as they tell you not to get them wet.
Hoping I can last until covid is over for the next appointment. I noticed that Boots do it at some branches, I think it was £50.

Hi Yuvalfrr and Zebras.

I certainly can confirm that wax does cause HF hearing loss, and possibly distorttion if it is on the ear drum.

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Hi michael 1.

I do know about micro suction, and have had wax removed from my ears at the hospital.

That’s quite a high charge Boots make, for what is really a simple procedure.

Hydrogen peroxide can do some good too.

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Thanks TexasBob.

Not tried it, so don’t know if it works faster than Bicarb, which can take a while…