Hey, newbie here :o)

I have a battery question that you may be able to help me with.

I’ve been wearing a hearing aid for about 2 years now and my batteries always lasted about 4 days (#10)

All of a sudden the last 2 packs, I’m getting 1-2 days out of them without me making any changes (16 hours a day)

I called Energizer and she said I was supposed to let them air activate for 60 seconds before popping them in the hearing aid. This is the first time I’m hearing this not to mention it say nothing about that on the package.

Anyone here know anything about this?
I never did it before and got 4 days out of them anyway??? :confused:

She’s sending me 2x $4.00 coupons but it doesn’t make up for the $17.00 a pack of 16 batteries :frowning:

I was told the same thing when I purchased my resound hearing aids with replaceable batteries. I’m not sure why my audiologist told me this but I trust her and have started that same process each morning .

This is a pretty old thread. At some point zinc air batteries were changed to be mercury free. That apparently had an impact on battery life. The mercury let them last longer. Mercury is still allowed for batteries that have to be implanted for medical devices, so the last longer. In any case the original poster might have been comparing life of older batteries with mercury to newer mercury free batteries.

The energy in zinc air batteries comes from the reaction of zinc with air. Air is essentially part of the fuel that gives them energy. If you don’t let the air in (for a minute or so after your remove the plastic tab that seals the air out) they can be short of energy when you first use them and it does damage to the battery even though they are brand new. It is for this reason that you always want to “air them up” for a minute or two before you put them in the aids. I when I get the second warning that my battery is about to die, I pull the tab off one and then use it when it finally dies a few minutes later.