Here I go again - starting from the beginning at Costco

I’m back again. I got my first HAs at Costco in 2016 and but could never keep domes from backing out of my ears no matter how hard me and the fitter at Costco tried. They told me next step was molds at that time as I had exhausted all the dome options. I gave up and returned the HAs.

I was going to restart in 2019, but due to my husband’s very early onset dementia behaviors and that never happened. My husband has since passed and I’m trying again now that I have time for appointments and adjustments, etc.

I went to Costco for my hearing test yesterday (new test has been uploaded). My person recommended the Phillips HAs. We both wanted to be sure my insurance would reimburse me for Costco supplied aids and I will make a phone call tomorrow to check and then set up the new appointment for my fitting.

I stream a LOT of music, podcasts and shows. I am in a totally Apple environment with an iPhone, Ipad and MacBook Pro and I stream from all of them.

My main issue in daily life is conversations with people and understanding speech both with live people and on TV or in movie theaters etc. I also go to listen to a great deal of live music.

Given all of the above, do more knowledgable people than me see why the Phillips might be a better choice over the KS10? I want to go to my fitting with the best information and questions possible.

I have used to the search feature to read about both the Phillips and the KS10 - although there isn’t a ton of info for the Phillips yet that I’ve found.


First set of hearing aids is always a challenge when you wait to get them. Your hearing loss tells me you have been struggling for a while.

New aids, no matter the brand will be challenging for you at first. You have to go through a learning process. This might take a few weeks so be prepared to be patient with your new aids. If they are too loud, just turn them down some and go from there.

Your hearing loss tells me you need to wear custom earmolds. You can do this with BTE and RIC type aids. Costco is a great place to get hearing aids, great warranty, service and aids but you do need custom earmolds.

Since you are an Apple fan, you have lots of choices. Any of the Costco aids should work for you. The hands free KS10 aids are really nice. The Resound Jaba aids look promising and the Phillips aids might just be good for you too. Just remember, this will take time. Try not to discredit any aids you try at first. You need time to acclimate.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond - I appreciate it very much. I think you’re correct that I’ll have to do the ear molds. I was leaning toward the KS10s until the Costco lady recommended the Phillips. I’m going to have to ask them for more information on why they recommended those above the KS10.

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I have worn custom ear molds for 20 years (with BTE aids) and find them very effective. They fit well and I never worry about them falling out. I have loved ReSounds, from Costco. Wonderful gadgets go with, like the Multi-Mic, and the Bluetooth works excellently, in my experience. Batteries tend to last @ 2 weeks, but I don’t stream as much as you do. Good luck.


Thank you very much! I’m a little worried about my ears feeling “stopped up” with the ear molds as the lady at Costco the first time I tried with HAs back in 2016 told me I wouldn’t like the molds and that kind of scared me off.

I expect ear molds take some getting used to, in that regard. I’ve never worn the newer ‘domes’. Molds are cheapish, by the way, about $35 ea. at Costco.

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The last time I checked custom molds at Costco were $39.99 each.

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Just know that to stream from MacBook with Phillips will require ConnectClip like device. Macbook should be able to stream directly to KS10, but may need a new USB dongle.

Thank you -that is much more affordable than I was expecting

That is helpful information thank you. I was leaning toward th KS10. I’ll have to get more explanation as to why Costco lady thinks the Phillips will be better for me.

Does the Phillips have tcoil and also being able to hear the phone in your hearing aids? I’m brand new to any hearing aids (picked up my KS10 less than 2 weeks ago) and since I wanted those features as well as a tv connection that brings the sound into my hearing aids, my Costco person recommended KS10. Sorry I have no answers but you may want to ask these questions.

There really is a learning curve - at day 3 I didn’t think I would keep them, ha ha! But after that each day has gotten better. My first follow up is this week and I have a list of questions too but I really am hearing better with them than without. Good luck to you!

Thank you! My list of questions is growing!

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You have a 180 day return, full refund

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I can confirm that the KS10.0 works perfectly with my MacBook Pro running Big Sur. It auto connects when I am within range and the speaker switches to my hearing aids.


An audiologist’s perspective: Have you considered going to an audiology practice instead of a big box store? I understand there is a price difference, but the level and quality of service matters more than the device when it comes to success rate. If you pay $2,000 for something that ultimately doesn’t work for you, you’ve lost $2,000 instead of saving money.

Costco is great for certain things, like toothpaste and car tires, just not so sure about my healthcare. Plus, in your case, insurance companies are notoriously bad at giving accurate reimbursement numbers and I’ve never seen it work out in the patient’s favor–always the insurance company’s. Going to an audiologist who works with your insurance plan will maximize your benefit and can provide more hearing aid options.

Welcome to the forum @joe3…. According to what I read on this forum, I think you will find the service offered by Costco hearing might in some instances exceed what the independent AuD’s can offer, Costco get an exceptionally good name; 3 to 6 months trial period, REM, follow up adjustments, 3 to 5 year warranty, cheaper but equivalent assistive listening devices, cheaper batteries, top of the range (Rebranded) hearing aids, I could go on, but the bottom line is you get more bang for your buck, with top class aids at a price which is about a third or less than the Independent AuD’s can offer, and probably much cheaper than their actual wholesale price? Perhaps, a no brainer for any HOH, even if they can afford to go upmarket…… Cheers Kev :wink:


Kev, I second that, I’ve had my KS 10’s for 2 weeks, so far very happy. Costco testing and fitting was the most thorough I have experienced, from high or main street chains to independents.


I’m sure Costco appreciates your promotion @kevels55 :wink: No doubt they have better pricing and I can confirm that their retail price is less than an audiologist in private practice must pay for equivalent devices. My point is that, if you are seeking best outcomes and not just the lowest price for a medical device, it is best to go to the medical professional who is educated and trained to provide that care.

To address a couple of your points: Longer trial periods are available but usually unnecessary when you go to an experienced audiologist since we/they are able to make knowledgeable adjustments from the start.
As audiologists, we are committed to patient care because that is all we do. Big box stores are simply looking to move/sell more products. So again, I always encourage people to seek their healthcare from a healthcare provider instead of a retail store.

At the same time, I have a number of current patients who purchased their hearing aids from Costco for the low price, but have come to me for refitting and service appointments. The current wait time at our local Costco hearing center is two months to get in for a hearing test or service.

I very much appreciate your reply @joe3…… There is perhaps room for all whom adapt to the new hearing care world, things are about to change, and it will be loaded in favour of the HOH end users, in past AuD’s basically charged exorbitant prices, their markup was substantial, and more akin to a used car salesman, making excessive profits doesn’t bode well with me, especially when they are made on the backs of folks hearing disabilities, it is not as if we can just do without, we need these instruments to live or survive in a hearing world…. Not to mention the fact that you are highly likely to be in a poorly paid job, or unemployed if you have a severe hearing loss! Subsequently, with Costco, Boots Hearing Care UK, Specsavers Hearing Care UK, no doubt there will be others, and OTC Bose now on the horizon, they will drive the prices down, and rightly so…. Nothing you have said makes me more inclined to visit a “Private AuD”, your service doesn’t sound any better than the one I get from my Boots AuD here in the UK, BTW she is a fully qualified Audioligist, around 3k US Dollars for a pair of Phonak Naida Paradise UP BTE, with custom molds, and 2 years interest free credit, and as many visits as I need! I believe Costco also employs Audioligist’s, but the simple truth is it’s nothing to do with if the fitter has a Doctorate or not, it’s their, empathy, experience, competence and skill that matters, and over the last 30 years or so, I have seen woefully inept AuD’s, and highly skilled HIS, and vice versa…. I consider myself most fortunate to have a brilliant AuD, but many peeps on here do not have that luxury, and they are struggling because their AuD is not very good at their job! All that being said, I have a lot of respect for your profession, but the “Good AuD’s” can be as rare as hens teeth…… your local Costco must be doing a roaring trade with a 2 months appointment waiting list, I have heard of some Costco stores which are 5 or 6 months, which maybe tells it’s own story, at least you are getting some fitting work. For me personally, I will try to promote any service to the HOH that is competent, value for money, and essentially meets their needs, many of these Costco hearing aid users, could not afford your prices, retired and being perhaps on fixed incomes, they would probably just suffer in silence, and do without, out of sheer affordability…… Costco and their likes, have filled that void, and we can only applaud their excellent service to the HOH. Cheers Kev :wink:


You’re swimming against a rip tide, @joe3. I don’t understand what leads you to think you can stem the flow, if you’ve read any of the many extensive threads that Forum members have opened on this topic.

But welcome to the Forum, and good luck, anyway.

[… Don’t you have clients to fit???]

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